Fishing Knots

How to Tie the Palomar Knot for Fishing





Maybe the most fundamentally known knot in bass fishing, and with the creation of fluorocarbon, maybe the most discussed and argued knot used by bass fishermen. The knot is simple to tie, very strong if tied correctly, with no crossing, and works for most every type of line.

To Tie:

1. Double your line and pass it through the eye of the hook or split ring.

2. Tie a simple overhand knot with the looped end around the main line.

3. Pass the loop over the hook or lure and flip the loop up over the main line and tag end.

4. Pull the tag end slowly after you’ve wet the line until the knot cinches down.


When you pass the doubled line through the eyelet make sure the main line and tag end are straight and not criss-crossed before you tie your overhand knot. When you tie the overhand knot, don’t snug it down on the eye. Just get it close and then pass the big loop over the lure. Then when you go to cinch the tag end and knot down, you won’t cause so much friction on your line, which can weaken the line and your knot.


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