Fishing Knots

How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot



This is often called the clinch, cinch or other variation of the two. It’s maybe the simplest of the knots to tie and is pretty strong. Some folks have seen this knot slip with braid but doubling the line can often fix that.

To Tie:

1. Pass your line through the eye of the hook or lure.

2. Wrap the tag end up the main line at least 5 times, 7 is better.

3. Take the tag end and pass it through the small opening in the line under your first wrap near the eye of the hook

4. Then bring it back up through the loop that is now formed at the top of the knot.

This is what helps improve the cinching of the knot so it won’t sleep as easily.

5. Then slowly pull the tag end tight after you wet the line to cinch the knot down.


This knot is always tightening on itself. If you cut too much tag end off, you can run the risk of the tag end slipping into the the knot itself and unraveling or breaking. It’s better to leave a 1/16-inch or more tag on this knot. You can double the line before tying the knot and do the same thing to make it more slip resistant.

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