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Topwater Prop Baits: Why You’re Whiffing on the Hookset

Topwater Prop Baits: Why You’re Whiffing on the Hookset

Missed topwater strikes are one of the more heartbreaking parts of bass fishing. Just a few of them can make your mind start spinning: Is your rod too stiff? Are you using the wrong type of fishing line? Are you swinging too early? These questions, and many more, can creep into your head and quickly mess with your confidence.

But according to our friend Dr. Jimmy Liao of Fish Code Studios, this heartbreak can possibly be explained with science; especially when you’re fishing a topwater prop bait.

We wanted to share this video with everyone because prop baits are a major player in the warmer months. Contrary to popular belief, this bite is often best on sunny, hot days. The next time you’re trying to catch big bass on these classic, tried and true topwater lures, consider Dr. Liao’s excellent explanation. He makes some great points and shares some phenomenal underwater live strikes that just might change the way you look at prop bait fishing.

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