How Modern Fish Finders Lead to Fishing Success

There’s no question that technology has changed how we navigate daily life, from your touchscreen phone, or to enthusiast anglers that leverage powerful fishfinder technology to find fish faster. Pro bass angler Justin Lucas details how he leveraged his electronics to win the 2019 Bassmaster Angler of the Year (AOY) race with stunning efficiency.

Starting at the console, Justin shares how he uses Humminbird’s LakeMaster cartography in conjunction with Side and Down Imaging technologies to identify likely fish-holding spots, then scans these areas of interest to determine if it’s worth fishing. The imaging technology doesn’t lie, clearly identifying key structural elements and the presence of fish. He then transitions to the bow, where waypoint share and 360 Imaging is used along with his bow graphs to make exact casts to spots found at the console, all without driving over the fish.

We understand this setup isn’t for everyone; desired on the water experience and budgets vary widely. But for those that take fishing seriously and want to ‘up’ their game, mastery of mapping and imaging technology provides an enormous edge, especially where your eyes can’t discern what lies beneath. Congratulations on your win Justin!


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