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Comparing Bass on Fishfinder Sonar to Real-Time Underwater Video

They say seeing is believing, so that’s the approach we took in this video. Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski pins the boat over a mega school of bass to compare his sonar readout to real-time underwater video of the bass below. The goal of this video is to acquaint those new to, or building their LCD fishfinder knowledge; understanding how gamefish mark is a major step in getting the most out of your time on the water by eliminating unproductive areas.

This video focuses on 2D CHIRP Sonar technology, which is widely available across the price spectrum. It’s important to dial in the correct sonar sensitivity (i.e. power) setting to produce the clearest readout. Check out Jeff’s comprehensive Sonar Interpretation Video for a breakdown on all of the major fishfinder technologies and when to use them.