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Why You Need to Bass Fish With Bladed Jigs

Pro bass angler Dave Lefebre highlights why bladed jigs (aka vibrating jigs) are an excellent alternative to spinnerbaits and crankbaits, and how to fish them to catch bass in a wide range of situations. 

Although pro and enthusiast bass anglers have widely adopted bladed jigs into their arsenal, Dave believes they’re underutilized by recreational anglers but shouldn’t be. They tend to cast more accurately than spinnerbaits due to their compact body (and lack of wind-catching blades) and similar to crankbaits, hard vibrating models like the featured Terminator Shuttering Bait give off strong vibrations. But unlike a crankbait, you can bump and grind bladed jigs through cover like wood and grass much more efficiently and with less snagging. 

In addition to these benefits, bladed jigs are extremely easy to fish on a cast and wind retrieve, making them great for all angler skill levels. Dave shares some pointers on additional ways to work the bait, and his preferred rod and reel combo to fish them and achieve the best possible hooking percentages. 

Lefebre recommends experimenting with a variety of bladed jigs, while at the same time, highlighting the uniqueness of the Terminator Shuddering Bait lip design. It creates an exaggerated ‘shuddering’ action and thumping vibration that has been a bigtime producer for him in dirty water bass fishing situations.