Superchips Q&A with Pro Angler Glenn Browne

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As anglers, we are always looking for an advantage. Sometimes it is on-the-water competitive in nature with a technique, a special bait or a unique cast angle. The easy days are called being in “the zone” but preparation on all fronts can help to take chance out of the equation.

Because we travel a lot, we also look for benefits when preparing and traveling too. Choosing where to stay, what to eat and looking for advantages with our vehicles and boats to make them run more efficiently, perform better and get better fuel economy too.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to pro angler Glenn Browne who works with Superchips about the advantages he has seen with their technology and why he has been a customer of theirs since 2007.

W2F: What got you started looking at Superchips and how did you hear about them?

Browne: In 2007 I had just bought a new truck and the fuel mileage was killing me out on the road. I had spoken to a few friends who had utilized Superchips and really didn’t hear a single negative comment. I got one and noticed right away a significant difference not only with the fuel mileage but performance as well.

W2F: What type of truck are you using, gas or diesel?

Browne: I have had both gas and diesel but my last few trucks have all been Chevy Duramax Diesels and the Superchip programmer has made a world of difference. As you know, we travel all over and the terrain we cover can be hilly and rugged at times. My truck doesn’t bog at all on acceleration, I have more horsepower and the shifting, even on hills, is smooth without clunking. The fuel economy is much better too. No more downshifting on hills and I like that. I do not worry about long pulls any longer

W2F:  It used to be that a Superchip was actually a chip but today it’s a programmer correct?

Browne: They used to be chips but with all of the new computers in trucks it can now all be done with a programmer. Each programmer is set up for each type of vehicle, gas or diesel, and it’s as simple as plugging it in to the OBDII port, (On Board Diagnostics) and following the steps. Depending on the type of driving you do or if you tow a boat there is a set up you can program right into the truck. The programmer basically flashes the PCM. (Powertrain Control Module)

W2F: What models and years of trucks can you get Superchips for? Is the programming unit brand specific?

Browne: Superchips programmers will fit most trucks 1999 or newer and that includes both diesel and gasoline powered engines. They also have them for cars and SUV’s too.

W2F: How much do they cost?

Browne: the Flashpaq unit is $349.00 dollars and anglers can get a 20% discount by typing the word “HOOKED” when checking out on their webpage. With all the money we spend as anglers this is a great investment as fuel economy and better overall performance is increased and a mile or two per gallon can be huge over a year or two on the road.

Better fuel economy, more power and solid customer support after the sale is what Superchips is all about. Check out their website for details and Superchip programmers for your vehicle at

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