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Protect Your Lower Unit [Quick Tip]

There is nothing as important as lubrication for an outboard motor. Fuel is important too but a good outboard oil and lower unit lubrication will give its owner more performance and keep the engine running like new for many years. 

Spring is a great time to fill reservoirs and change out lower unit oil and we use Lucas M8 Synthetic Gear Oil on all of our outboards. M8 is a super slick, long lasting lube that doesn’t foam and was designed for high performance, high horsepower off shore racing boats. It combines seal conditioners and a proprietary blend of additives that protect the gear case from rust and wear.

FLW pro Bill McDonald has used M8 in all of his outboards for years and hasn’t had a single lower unit failure.

“We depend on our engines to get us to our best spots and back and Lucas M8 has never failed me” McDonald said. “I have used it for over 10 years and have a peace of mind that my engine not only is protected but also keeps water from entering the gear case.”

Some of the key benefits of M8 are:

  • Its fortified with antifoaming agents to prevent cavitation at high RPM’s
  • It blends with other oils and lubricants
  • Is great when storing your engine for long periods
  • Resists extreme pressure 
  • Is an effective friction reducer

Before you go out on that first trip of the year make sure your engine is protected with Lucas M8.