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Fall is a Great Time to Change Lower Unit Lube

Fall is the best time to change your lower unit lube, engine oil and grease those parts that call for it. Some of you can continue fishing all winter but the northern tier of states are not so lucky and must winterize.

Before you put your best friend, your boat, in storage fill the oil reserve too. A full reservoir will not allow for moisture to collect. Its also a great time to add stabilizer to your fuel tank and we recommend a full tank there as well, for the same reasons. Boats that are stored outdoors should have their cylinders fogged and lower unit covered to keep water out too.

Most of the maintenance can be done yourself in the driveway but if you don’t feel comfortable take it to a trusted dealer.

Check out this video on changing Royal Purple lower unit lube we did last year. Its simple and will give you a comfort level you are ready to go next spring. Click here to watch.