Be Aware if You Tow a Boat With a Wrapped Truck

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Kevin Short reported last week about a wild event that happened to him on his way back from pre-practicing in LaCrosse a few weeks ago. Kevin was going to write his blog first, and we didn’t want to trump that, so we waited for him to write it and publish it so we could see how it shook out.

The gist of the story is Kevin Short, a professional bass fisherman on the Bassmaster Elite Series who drives a big pink dually pickup truck and pulls a big pink Basscat boat got stopped by a Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officer at 6 am in the morning on his way home.

Said officer basically cited him for not complying with DOT regulations as an interstate carrier with a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight in excess of 10,000 pounds. Yep, that’s apparently a citable offense if you haul a boat as part of your “business” more than 100 miles.

Short is now DOT registered, certified and whipped, filing log books and pulling into weigh stations on his way to and fro. Just another one of those things on the other side of the glamorous professional fishing lifestyle to be concerned with we suppose.

More info on dot requirements can be found here: