A Ranger Difference | Pultrusion

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Some boat buyers look for features like recessed foot pedals or fancy seating. Others look to the gelcoat, fancy stripes and the glossy finish but to Ranger buyers they look much deeper. They look to the inner strength of the boat and the durability. Sure, fit and finish, features and cosmetics are important but after a long day on the water it’s what under that shiny exterior that makes a difference. Ranger owners know the differences. Ranger doesn’t hide them and our last trip to the Ranger plant emphasized the Ranger Differences.

Ranger has long been the standard for level flotation, composite components and technology minded features. No one has built a boat like Ranger and for 40 years they continue to be the innovators of a superior quality boat. At the end of the day it is truly about quality and long standing value for the dollar spent.

The pride each worker put into the product was amazing whether they worked on wiring harness’s or rolled on fiberglass matting. Each boat was built as if they were building it for a family member.

One of the inner components that has made a Ranger a Ranger is pultrusion. Pultrusion is layers of fiberglass that is heat treated and blended with resin to make a composite material that is tougher than iron. The advantages of this material are many.

The Advantage of Pultrusion- A Ranger Difference

Building a stiff part that is also durable and not brittle is tough. Not only must it be tough but it must be one that increases screw retention to increase overall strength and durability. Pultruded Fiberglass materials used in a Ranger Boats continue to dominate cheaper composite construction other companies may utilize.  Ranger developed and patented the technology.  Pultrusion  means greater strength in the transom, floors, decks and throughout the entire boat. Pultruded fiberglass has a superb tensile strength and when you see a Ranger you know that the transom and the gussets are all built as one piece. Strength is felt in the floors, gussets, hulls and deck. The Ranger feel was clear in our test drives, smooth and solid, and when we went to the plant after the drive we found out why.

Pultruded fiberglass gussets and transom while the hull is still in the mold. Wired photo.
Building a boat with attention to detail and building it to last has been the mantra at Ranger since day one. Walking through the plant you could feel it. Talking to other Ranger owners you could hear it and riding in a new Ranger made it clear that this is one premier product.