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Rapala New Bait Giveaway Winners
Innovation is much more than a new color. It...
Slick Way to Protect Boat Key Loss
Just about all of us at one time or...
Win a New Spinning Rod from Fenwick
This week’s giveaway features the new spinning rods introduced...
Zillion Project T Episode 2 with the Daiwa Pro Staff
The Daiwa pro-staff attacks Lake Guntersville with their first look...
A.R.E. Ramps It Up with 2014 Fishing Team Toyota Features
You don’t have to be a professional angler to...
SPRO Listening to Anglers, Setting the Bar
Trends accompany ICAST each and every year. One year...
Lew’s Enters Marketing Partnership with Xpress Boats
Xpress Boats of  Hot Springs, Arkansas has announced a...
Buckeye MOP Winners
Savvy anglers know jigs are hot summertime go-to lures and...
Alleged Fishing Tournament Cheaters Buy 11-pound Bass
Photo credit Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement...
Daiwa Project T Zillion Video with Randy Howell
We just received this new upbeat video from Daiwa,...


  • The odds tend to stack against bass anglers this time of year. Sure, some of the bass are stuck in that strange “in-between” period right now but most importantly, they’re wise to our tricks. For the last several months, they’ve likely endured ridiculous fishing pressure and they’ve seen everything we have to throw at them. […]

  • Summer bass fishing can be frustrating for anglers of all skill levels. While increased boat traffic, kamikaze jet skis and lethargic bass behavior certainly makes for tough conditions, don’t trade your rods and reels for air conditioning just yet. There’s hope—and it comes in the form of standing timber. Elite Series pro Fletcher Shryock has […]

  • It’s easy to get caught up in the technicalities of bass fishing. Walking through the fishing section of a sporting goods store can be totally overwhelming for some anglers—we’ve all been there at some point in time. Whether you’re new to pond fishing or you’ve fished ‘em your entire life, there are several ways to […]

  • Have you ever taken a long look into your heart, soul and mind and asked yourself why you love this sport?  How is it that a little green fish with a pea-sized brain has such an unwavering hold on you? Maybe it helps you relax. Maybe it satisfies your competitive spirit. Maybe it’s just all […]

  • ICAST 2014 | Daiwa

    July 20, 2014
    ICAST 2014 | Daiwa

    Daiwa made a bunch of solid introductions at this year’s ICAST show. Here’s a quick rundown on several rods and reels that will be new for 2015. Daiwa Tatula HD The Tatula series of reels has been very successful and with good reason. These are some of the best casting reels in their space. Now […]

  • ICAST 2014 | Gamakatsu

    July 20, 2014
    ICAST 2014 | Gamakatsu

    Gamakatsu G Finesse Drop Shot Hook Specifically designed by Aaron Martens, the G Finesse Drop Shot hook offers a hook point that is pulled closer to the eye with a larger gap. The hooks are made out of a TGW that is said to be 20% smaller diameter with the same exact strength. The hooks […]

  • ICAST 2014 | Garmin

    July 20, 2014
    ICAST 2014 | Garmin

    Echomap 70DV The Echomap 70DV offers 7-inch touch screen combos with Garmin LakeVü HD maps with HD-ID Sonar, DownVü and wireless connectivity to Apple devices. These units will price around $1,500. GPSMAP 1040XS This is a new top of the line touch screen chart plotter and fish finder combo from Garmin. It has a 10-inch, […]

  • ICAST 2014 | Maui Jims

    July 20, 2014
    ICAST 2014 | Maui Jims

    Check out the new frames from Maui Jim (Five Caves pictured above). Bamboo Forest Haleakala with PureAir  Pipiwai Trail Twin Falls   Wassup

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It seems there are more fishing rod companies these days than you can shake...

Deep crankbaits are a powerful tool when it comes to catching deep, summertime bass....

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  • Innovation is much more than a new color. It is truly about building shapes and actions that catch fish. It can be an easy sell and anglers will clamor to them if the colors are right and the actions...

  • Just about all of us at one time or another has lost a set of keys. It can make you sick and turn a good day into a bad one quickly. We always carry a spare set of both...

  • This week’s giveaway features the new spinning rods introduced at ICAST 2014 by Fenwick.  To enter for a chance to win, click here.

  • The Daiwa pro-staff attacks Lake Guntersville with their first look at the new 2014 Daiwa Zillion reel. This video shows the reel casting, skipping, flipping and catching on one of the best lakes in the country.

  • You don’t have to be a professional angler to want a first-class way to protect and store valuable fishing gear. Leading truck cap and tonneau cover manufacturer A.R.E. will be showcasing the ultimate fishing truck during 2014 Bassmaster tournament...

  • Trends accompany ICAST each and every year. One year it’s a squarebill and everyone gets on the bandwagon, the next year it’s a frog and every company has one. The swimbait craze has gone crazy but it is usually...

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