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Choosing Glide Baits for Bass Fishing | Underwater Comparisons

In this What It Looks Like video, we wanted to show folks how different glide baits can look to the bass underwater. While the overall action is similar, certain baits can do certain things better than others. Staples like the Deps 250 can do it all, but can be hard to get and out of some anglers’ price ranges. The Deps 250 is maybe the most well known and proven glide bait of all time for its ability to produce fish on a steady super slow to medium slow retrieve as well as being worked with 1/4 turns of the reel and slight twitches and pulls of the rod. Anglers like Butch Brown have proven what this bait can do on giant bass.

Newer glides like the Bull Glide have been offered in limited drops but give anglers a really unique option with a gilde that can be fished fast and erratic with a taller profile. You can make it swim really wide working it slow and feeding it line with your rod, and you can even get it to swim up under things by gliding it harder and slower on one side and quicker and softer on the other. But I love how fast you can fish this glide. So it’s versatile and different with unique weighting options. I’ve had success recently working it with wide twitches and long pauses.

New glides like the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait will give anglers a good mass produced glide at an affordable price point that has a good swim and is very workable in a larger profile. Brandon Palaniuk has been working on this glide for three years to get a great swimming glide at an affordable price point for everyone. This will be a tremendous glide for anglers to learn glide bait fishing. It swims well and is easy to work and only $38 for a 7 1/2-inch 3 1/8-ounce glide bait.

Then at the lower end of the price spectrum you have another mass produced bait like the Savage Gear Shine Glide. It comes in 5 1/4, 7 1/4 and 9 inch options and prices ranging from $18.99 to $29.99. It has a good swim and can be worked with the rod and reel equally well. While it’s not as seductive and proven as maybe a Deps 250, it’s still a good glide bait for the average angler to learn glide bait fishing. Getting good with your quarter turns of the reel handle, pulling the rod to one side on the pause to get a bait to cascade off to one side. Or you can just throw the big 9-inch Magnum Shine Glide and slow reel it across big areas to draw big bass out.

Hopefully seeing all these baits underwater will give you a feel for the versatility in various glide baits. I still recommend just sticking with a handful of options like these and the other proven glides on the market and getting really good at what those glides do well.