ChatterBait Comparison Underwater: Look and Sound

The ChatterBait bladed/vibrating jig has become a staple bass fishing lure. Why? Because they’re fun and easy to fish, and most importantly, catch loads of bass. This “What it Looks/Sounds Like” installment focuses underwater attention on several Z-Man ChatterBaits (8) to see what each one looks and sounds like underwater.


Subtle design differences can have a significant impact on bait performance in different situations. Attributes like head material and shapes, skirt ties, trailer keepers, hook manufacturers, and more, change the way each ChatterBait looks and performs. Each bait has a time and place based on design, with the full lineup providing a bladed jig solution wherever you chase bass.

We’re excited to expand underwater content around the bladed jig category in future videos, so stay tuned.


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