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Flambeau Terminal Tackle SLIM Tuff Tainer Review

Flambeau has become well known for its unique and modular takes on tackle storage. It’s Tuff Tainer boxes are some of the most reliable and popular boxes in fishing, and they continue to expand the Tuff Tainer line every season.

Their new line of SLIM boxes seek to provide modular storage in small footprints. I’ve recently moved all of my core terminal tackle to the new Flambeau Terminal Tackle SLIM. So I thought I’d run through it’s features real quick and what I’m liking about this box so far.

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Individual Cups

The cups that hold the tackle come in a few different sizes in the Terminal Tackle SLIM. There is the square cup the double cup and the quadruple cup that comes with optional dividers to make it 3 small cups or double and a small or one big cup. I like the customization aspect as terminal tackle comes in a lot of shapes and forms. And one guys terminal box will look a lot different than the next guys box.

Tiny tackle compartment

In the middle front row of the Terminal Tackle Slim is the small tackle locker. This is where you can keep those little terminal tackle pieces that tend to scatter to all the of the compartments in your box. I keep things like snaps, swivels, split rings, screw locks, beads and more in here. There is just one lid that opens all 4 bins if you use the enclosed dividers. But it seems to hold everything in its place.

Everything in one box

In my box I was able to carry the following items:

  • Clips
  • Swivels
  • Beads
  • Pegs
  • Rattles
  • Screw locks
  • Split rings
  • Shaky heads
  • Ned heads
  • Wacky or rings
  • Swimbait hooks
  • Finesse hooks
  • Neko hooks
  • Nail weights
  • Tube hooks
  • EWG Worm hooks
  • Offset worm hooks
  • Flipping hooks
  • Dropshot weights
  • 5 different sizes of bullet weights
  • Carolina weights

Various sizes in one cup

Some of my cups have various size weights or hooks in them. That is not a problem because you can dump the cup in your hand, pick which weight or hook you want in seconds and dump everything back in the cup and put it back. Takes like 10 seconds to pick out what you want while affording you room to carry everything. That’s the best of all worlds as an angler who carries a ton of tackle but wants to not waste time while on the water.

I think I have enough diversity in my one terminal box to be prepared for all of the core techniques. I carry my JDM Rigging kit in a separate pouch because I want to leave those things in their original packages. I’ll share my kit in a future piece.

Total Package

To me the new Flambeau Terminal Tackle SLIM is the ultimate package for terminal tackle organization and maximum storage capacity. I’ve got a pile of weights, hooks, clips, pegs, jigheads and more in that box to cover most all of my fishing and rigging options for the core techniques. And everything holds in its place.

The lids and floors are grooved to marry up to the dividers so there is no space for tackle to sneak between. That’s a nice feature that will keep your tackle organized if you kick your closed box upside down by accident or it gets tossed around in a tackle compartment in big waves.

Boxes are just hitting retailers now. You can find them here: 

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