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Yum Dinger Review

I have a huge appreciation for versatile bass fishing lures. The fewer baits I need to catch big bass, the more efficient I am as an angler. I’ve been using the Yum Dinger for years and it has quickly become one of my “go to” baits for every season. 4 characteristics make this bait one of my all-time favorite soft plastics.

  • Versatility
  • Action
  • Toughness
  • Availability

Catches fish many different ways


There are no limits to the Yum Dinger. Whether it’s wacky rigged, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged or threaded onto a shaky head, it flat-out catches big bass.

Throughout the spring, I catch a lot of big pre and post spawn bass with a wacky rigged  or weightless Dinger, and when the bass move deeper after the spawn, a Carolina or Texas rigged Dinger is often all I’ll throw to catch them on deep structure.

During the fall, I put the F2 Dinger on a 3/8-ounce Texas rig to flip docks and blowdowns near abundant shad. When the water cools off in the winter, it’s hard to beat a Carolina rigged dinger on offshore humps and points.

Totally different action than most soft plastics

When rigged weightless, the F2 Dinger glides and darts through the water, making it a great bait for targeting shallow fish. If you use the Dinger on a wacky rig, its slow fall and parabolic “waving” action is a great remedy for tough fishing conditions.


Although it’s great for finesse fishing, the Dinger also has a killer action on a Texas rig—when it’s at rest on the bottom, the tail floats and sways freely, making it tough for a big bass to turn down.

Doesn’t tear easily

Delicate soft plastics not only waste time, but also money. The F2 Dinger doesn’t rip or tear easily, even after several fish catches. It slides onto the hook without tearing and holds up excellently to skipping and flipping in heavy brush.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to appreciate its durability. A single pack of Yum F2 Dingers lasts a very long time.

Easy to find at most retailers

If you frequently travel for tournaments or simply don’t have the resources to search for baits, you’ll love the widespread availability of the F2 Dinger. Almost every fishing section of any major retailer carries an abundance of these baits. If you’re out of town on a fishing trip and run out of a specific color, chances are there’s a nearby store with plenty in stock. Why, you ask? Because they work.

Since discovering the F2 Dinger, I can honestly say that I’ve caught more fish. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler or a pond fisherman, I strongly suggest trying them out. Reasonably priced at $4.99, this is one soft plastic you need to have.

The Yum Dinger is available at and retailers nationwide.