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Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

With so many options for fishing shoes, I thought I’d share the ones I’ve been wearing this year. I purposely selected 4 various types from four various companies to cover down on different types of shoes as I know some guys prefer flip flops and other guys like tennis shoes. So I tried to test 4 very different kinds of shoes to cover down for as many folks as I can. Hope this helps if you’re in the market for some good fishing shoes.

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HUK Brewster

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

These slip-on fishing shoes from Huk are some of the lightest I’ve ever worn. They have very comfortable EVA midsoles and really light non-marking outsole. The mesh material is study but soft and dries quickly thanks to some drainage ports on the sides. 

These are not as rigid as some other options but if you are looking for an easy-on and easy-off fishing shoe, that has a very comfortable fit and wears a little more comfortably than flip flops, this is the one. They weigh next to nothing, and I find myself slipping them on when I’m just getting tackle ready in the boat or heading to the lake to fish.

You can find Huk Brewsters at HukGear.com and SportsmansWarehouse.com.

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Shimano Evair Boat Shoes

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

This are your more classic boat shoe with a lot more support. The soles are very rugged and durable, making them good for walking the banks fishing as well as fishing in the boat with the no slip traction in wet or dry surfaces. 

The upper material is a quick-drying mesh so these shoes dry quickly and easily. I wear socks with these most of the time. When I don’t I like to fold the heels down and they turn into slip-ons by design. 

If you’re looking for a shoe with a little more rigid support for your foot in and out of the boat while fishing, this might be the better option for you. 

You can find Shimano Evair Boat Shoes at FishUSA.com and Walmart.com.

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Under Armour Micro G Kilchis Shoes

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

I’ve been wearing these new Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes for nearly everything. The soles have drain ports that lets the water just go right through them. That makes them quick drying. I wear them walking on wet raining mornings in the summer. I wear them when I know I will have to get my feet wet launching the boat and I wear them whenever I think it’s going to rain while out fishing because they drain so easily and quickly. 

They have a thin material and a really comfortable midsole. The outersole has tremendous tread and no slip traction. These wear just like your best cross trainers and are equally as comfortable without socks as they are with socks. 

Keep in mind if you walk in the wet grass with socks your feet will get wet. The draining soles let water in as well as they let water out. 

You can find the Under Armour Micro G Kilchis at TackleWarehouse.com.

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Grundens Deck Boss Sandal

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

I just got these a little more than a week ago when I returned from Florida and wish I had them while vacationing on the beach. These are super comfortable sandals for fishing thanks in large part to their SeaDek soles. The same comfortable decking you can get on popular boats now, you can find in a sandal.

These sandals are really well built. Reinforced toe straps and inner traction keeps these sandals glued to your feet with no slipping at all, even when you step off in the water to fish or load the boat. I have had them on my feet for 3 straight days and love the comfort of the SeaDek bed and how they conform to my foot. 

You can find the Grundens Deck Boss Sandals at SeaDeak.com, Grundens.com and TackleWarehouse.com.

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Lots of choices for fishing shoes

Summer 2021 Fishing Footwear Review

I purposely picked 4 very different options to see what each one did well or not well. I thought the Shimano Evair Boat Shoes were the most solid in terms of rigidity and support. 

I thought the Under Armor Micro G Kilchis far exceeded regular tennis shoes if you prefer those for fishing because of how fast they dry. 

I thought the Huk Brewsters were the easiest on and off and I like those when I want to take my shoes off and on loading and unloading or just fishing bare foot at times. 

And the Grundens Deck Hands are the ultimate flip flop sandal for guys that just want a comfortable sandal to kick around in the water or stand all day on a deck hunting fish.