Muck Excursion Pro Mid Boot Review

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See why this waterproof boot is a good addition to your fishing rain gear or a good bank fishing option at the water’s edge.

Versatile applications

I keep these boots in my truck. So when I’m out and about or traveling to and fro, I can snatch them out of the Leer Locker and grab a rod and hit a good looking piece of water. I also always have them in the truck so that when I launch my boat and I might need to get in the water a bit to launch the boat, I don’t worry with wet feet the rest of the day. 

Tennis shoe of boots

I really like the way the Muck Excursion Pro Mid boots wear. They are comfortable to stand or walk all day in. They have great tread so you have traction especially in wet conditions, on a slick ramp or walking the bank on wet rocks and leaves. I have been wearing them a lot fishing from the bank this year, and whenever it rains while on the boat. 

Slip and tuck quickly

I like that I can slip them on in a few seconds and tuck my pants in and get in the water to land a fish, launch a boat in low water and other things that require me to get a little wet without getting wet. 

No slip tread

The tread is not super coarse or deep. But it grips well on wet surfaces. Wet docks, wet ramps, wet banks. I’ve worn the boot on all of them with good traction. 

Easy pull-on straps

They have pull straps in the back. One thing I noticed is they pull on easy but the strap is sewn into the small neoprene section in the back. This could be problematic so I always pull them on steadily as I don’t think this section would handle a real hard yank. The stitching might come loose. I haven’t had any problem with mine after more than 6 months using them. Just an observation I had.

Comfortable interior

The soles of the Muck Excursion Pro wear very comfortably. They are roughly 6mm thick give a lot of extra cushion and keeping your feet comfortable all day. 

The interior features their Xpress Cool lining that mixes a spandex like material with their inner lining to not only fit comfortably but also wick sweat and moisture off of your feet and into other parts of the boot so your feet stay dry.  

It makes this a great rain boot for the summer. But I wore mine a lot when the weather was cool this spring and also this fall when it’s been a lot cooler than usual. I actually think because your feet don’t sweat in them it helps your feet stay warm in wool socks. 

Flexible step

I was afraid the boots would be too rigid. But that has not been the case with mine. They are flexible and wear a lot like any other slip on casual shoe. 

Wears nicely with jeans

I’ve fished a bunch with them just grabbing them out of my truck and going. They aren’t terribly bulky so they look a lot like a regular slip on shoe when you wear them with jeans. I’ve bank fished, pond hopped, creek fished, boat fished and fished off the dock with them. They are a great all around fishing shoe. 

I’ll admit they do have a bit of a “Cousin Eddie” vibe if you wear them with shorts, but I reckon most guys are more worried with practicality than fashion when fishing. 

Comfortable fishing

I’ve had a heck of a year with herniated discs, sciatica and tendonitis in my leg. So footwear has become a really big deal for me in the last 6 months. I’m pretty particular with shoes now and wear tennis shoes and flat soled shoes a lot more. 

I’ve found the Muck Excursion Pro to be a very nice fitting boot that gives me dry, comfortable feet. I usually wear an 11 1/2 boot, so I ordered a size 12 that fits nicely. 

Dry feet in wet conditions

I wore it this weekend, my first trip back in the boat after a spinal epidural injection and nerve block procedure. It misted and sprinkled part of the afternoon and was cool out. My feet stayed warm, comfortable and dry all day in the damp conditions. 

I don’t have any affiliation with Muck. I bought my pair at the local boot shop on Kentucky Lake, Fast Eddies. I have had a lot of guys ask me this year what I wear for rain gear on my feet, and the Muck Excursion Pro has become my go-to boot for my fishing for most of the year. 

You can find them at, and at local retailers that carry Muck Boots.