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AFTCO Ankle Deck Fishing Boot Review

A quality pair of fishing boots is a must have for any serious angler just like a good set of rain gear. It can be hard to find comfortable, easy to put on, affordable fishing boots though. Thankfully AFTCO built a quality boot at the $100 price point to give anglers a high quality fishing boot at a good price. The AFTCO Ankle Deck Fishing Boot actually won Best of Show at ICAST in 2022, and we checked out the boots at that show. We weren’t, however, completely sold until we got a pair this year in which to fish. Then we saw for ourselves how good these boots are. They are packed with features that anglers actually care about. Let’s get into them really quickly.

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Aftco Ankle Deck Fishing Boot side and sole


There are a lot of quality features packed into these AFTCO Ankle Deck Boots. The boots feature an ultra durable waterproof material on the outside, a gripping traction sole, a neoprene inner lining that is not only quick drying but flexible and contouring to stay comfortably snug on your feet. They also incorporate a custom compression-molded antimicrobial insole that gives your feet a lot of cushion, support and rebound. This matters if you intend to either stand on a deck for 8-10 hours a day or if you plan to walk a good long while fishing from the bank.

The reinforced toe and heel give you added protection and durability hiking in rocky terrains. The added rear kick wedge gives you an added layer to be able to force stubborn items out of the way with the heel of your boot without tearing up your boot or your foot. And that wedge makes forcing your boot off with your other foot a lot easier without tearing up your sole.

Aftco Ankle Deck Fishing Boot tread and traction


I’m big about the soles of fishing boots. You need a sole that grips in wet conditions. But I also don’t want a sole that tracks up huge cakes of mud and rocks and brings them into my boat with me. So it’s always a balance on how you build the soles on fishing boots. Decks can get slick in wet conditions. And one misstep on a boat can be a problem. So a good pair of boots means having good tread. AFTCO actually tested a few different designs before settling on one that offered the best traction and grip in wet conditions. And these soles don’t grab up a ton of debris. The extra spacing at the toe and heel gives the tread a tackier grip while also being functional.

I’ve worn these boots a ton fishing from the bank, hopping small lakes and creeks. I keep these boots in my truck. And if I make a stop to fish somewhere on my travels I just throw them on and go. I walk through all sorts of terrain from tall grass, deep sand, really jagged rock and rip rap as well as creek bed rock and more. The boots have held up very well to a variety of conditions.

Great loops on the Aftco Ankle Deck Fishing Boot


One of my pet peeves with boot makers is when they make the pull on loops so small a grown man can’t even get one finger into them. Those of us that are a little older and have bad arthritis in our hands don’t grip small pieces of fabric well to pull tight boots on. So a loop makes it a lot easier but it has to be large enough for a grown man to get a finger in there. I can actually get two fingers in these straps and that makes putting these boots on and taking them off a lot easier.

Good fishing boots should be easy on and easy off as well as very comfortable to wear all day which means they should for to your foot but not be so tight you have to have someone take them off for you. These boots deliver on all accounts. I can pull them on and off easily but they aren’t flopping around on my foot.

A boot for everything is the Aftco Ankle Deck Fishing Boot


I wear these boots pretty much anytime it rains. They look good with jeans out in town or fishing on the lake. Having a handy pair of boots for wet conditions is a must in my opinion. Keep your feet comfortable and dry and your days on the water will be a lot more enjoyable. Most good fishing boots are $150-$250. So a good $99 pair of versatile fishing boots made to last are invaluable to us. We always have a pair on hand and for me right now that pair is these AFTCO Ankle Deck Fishing Boots.

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