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Strike King KVD Dream Shot Review

We’ve been fishing drop shots for about a decade now and still have a lot to learn about them. But one thing we’ve learned is that at certain times, profile makes a big difference. Some days they will bite anything down there. Some days only one specific color seems to generate bites and some days a certain shape, size or profile gets bit more than others. So when we saw the new Strike King KVD Dream Shot last spring, we thought it was going to be another great option for us.

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The bait is about 4 inches long. But the unique profile and cuts on it give it a great presence in the water. Just a quick summary of what I liked about the bait include:

  • Scent
  • Softness
  • Profile
  • Cut
  • Color options
  • Durability

Year round fish catcher

It caught fish quick and often when I first tested it late last summer. Later in the fall fishing in cold water it caught bass equally as well. And even through this winter, I managed to take a few really nice fish on it even though the drop shot really wasn’t the ideal pattern for the fish I was on. The key I think is the softness of the plastic, the shape and flat edge levitates the bait in the water column on a properly nose hooked drop shot rig.

Colors that are proven

One of my favorite colors for soft plastics is green pumpkin with blue flakes. And low and behold, Strike King granted my wish with Green Pumpkin Sapphire. I do wish there was a plum colored one or something closer to a translucent pink. But this bait was made to have a very natural palette and work extremely well in really clear water. So a lot of browns, watermelons, pumpkins and a few shad options round out the color options nicely.

A bag will boat a bunch of bass

They are 4-inches long, come 10 to a pack for around $4.50. But I was able to catch 20-30 bass on a bag of Dream Shots. The soft plastic used from the Perfect Plastic line gives the bait a great undulating action in the water, and surprisingly doesn’t tear up as easily as you would think. That’s always a plus when drop shotting. You want to get a little bit of mileage out of them. If you rig these with a Rebarb hook you can catch a bunch on one bait.

All bass like them

I’ve caught spots, smallmouths and largemouths on the Dream Shot. The profile of the bait is conducive to all three fish. Sometimes it seems like a shorter and a bit thicker profile really attracts spots and smallmouths. So I like that about the bait. The narrow section between the body and the tail gives you a lot of action with a subtle shaking of the rod tip. So you can keep the bait in one place and still move it and taunt the bass. I think that works really well on curious spots and smallmouth.

Overall I really like the Dream Shot. It’s priced average, fishes well, holds up well, comes in the right colors for the most part and is already proven as a tournament winner by Jonathan VanDam on Green Bay. So if drop shot is a big part of how you fish, this is a good alternative shape and size to something longer and more slender.

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