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SPRO King Daddy 90 Review

SPRO and Dean Rojas have made the Bronzeye 60, Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog and all of the junior versions famous with big catches, top finishes and big blowups. One member of the frog family that may be a bit maligned, but should be part of every angler’s arsenal is the SPRO Bronzeye King Daddy 90.

The King Daddy 90 is the “mutha of all frogs” with its extra-long and wide body, specially designed supersize Gamakatsu frog hook and palpitating, multi-colored skirted trailer legs. 4 things have been very impressive about the King Daddy 90.

  • Walks easily
  • Draws the attention of sluggish bass
  • Casts like a bullet
  • Comes over and through cover exceptionally well

I have been fishing this bait since it came out and initially believed it to be a strictly situational bait. After getting a quick limit, I would pull it out to try to catch a bigger fish. Almost immediately, however, I noticed I was getting more bites and the fish varied in size from 1 1/2 to over 6 pounds. The smaller bass liked it just as much as the big ones did.

This past week I fished a buddy tournament and we got a limit early. After a few culls and a modest 12-pound limit, I decided to get out the King Daddy to see if I could help up our weight total. The King Daddy 90 allowed us to catch a 5-pounder and a couple of 4-pounders to increase our total to 20.65 pounds for the event.

Easy to fish correctly

The King Daddy 90 walks side to side in open water better than other similar-shaped frogs. The sheer size of the bait and keeled belly make it walk in a “turn against itself pattern”, allowing even beginners to quickly learn to walk to the bait well.

In my testing, I’ve found the King Daddy 90’s tight walking action to be particularly effective in grass where holes are present. I was able to walk the frog across mats and keep it in the openings while still working it. This resulted in fewer casts and more time in the strike zone.


Large profile gets their attention

The large profile of the King Daddy 90 is especially effective over grass on sunny days. Measuring 3 1/2 inches and weighing a hefty 1-ounce, it puts off a ton of vibration on top of thick vegetation. Whether I’ve used it in lily pads, deer tongue or water willow, bass come out of nowhere to grab this bad boy.

The King Daddy 90’s size also allows for ridiculous casts with 65-pound braided line””even against the wind. This has allowed me to increase my efficiency in covering water and has also helped me keep a greater, stealthier distance from bass-holding cover.

Comes through cover very well

I’ve been very impressed by how well the King Daddy 90 makes its way through cover. I’ve used it in both thick vegetation and heavy wood cover without any annoying snags or hang-ups. No matter where you cast it, simply start twitching your rod downward and more times than not, the King Daddy 90 will come right out and start walking immediately.

Recommended gear

I suggest using a reel with a gear ratio of 6.4 or above, a medium-heavy rod between 6-foot, 6 inches and 7 feet long and 65-pound braided line. I use a permanent marker to mark the line 5 to 6 feet up from the frog and tie a double San Diego jam knot on the braid.

The King Daddy 90 takes some risk and adventure for anglers to use due to its size but give it a try. It takes more than a few casts to understand its value. Experiment with how it’s worked and let the fish tell you how they want it. Walk it, chug it or sometimes just pull it over the slop.

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