Jackall Giron Bluegill Swimbait

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Bass love bluegill. They are a primary forage base across the country and true bluegill imitators have a place in just about every die-hard anglers tacklebox. Whether called shellcrackers, bream, gills or panfish, bluegills are a T-Bone steak to a bass.

There are some out of the package baits that just say “bass” and the Jackall Giron is one of those. See one hanging on the shelf and you will have to have one. See it in the water and you will know you have made a great purchase.

Much like a 10 year old in a older siblings bedroom, bass hate pesky panfish in their area and really get fired up about them invading their territory during the spawn.

The Giron was developed particularly with the spawn in mind. It matches the size, shape and colors of panfish exactly. Oversized 3D eyes, perfectly matched color patterns and exact fin shape both in size and position make It is a piece of artistry in bait building. The single joint gives the Giron a unique swagger when swam slowly but really comes to life when twitched. It imitates an injured baitfish to a “T”. We like to make long casts, work it slowly then occasionally twitch it.

The Jackall Giron is a unique swimbait. It is  4 inches in length, weighs 3/4 of an ounce and is balanced perfectly sitting in the water. When stopped it rests perfectly on the hooks. Because of the weight and aerodynamic shape casting isn’t a problem. It wakes nice on top of the water too with a little faster retrieve. Oversized trebles, horizontal line tie with oval split ring and a slow sink rate make it versatile as well. It can be swum, jerked, dead sticked or twitched.

The Inside Scoop

The Jackall Giron comes in 8 colors including Bluegill, Ghost Bluegill, Black Crappie, Ghost Crappie, and the new ultra realistic colors of RT Bluegill, RT Ghost Bluegill, RT Black Crappie, and RT Orange Belly Bluegill.

You can buy them at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.

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