Plano EDGE Master Terminal Box Review

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This is an ingenious tackle storage system for those tiny odds and ends we all need to carry.

Closed and open options

So from the onset the first thing I noticed was lots of options for storage and arranging. You can move the closable boxes around to any of the rows as they have track systems throughout. 

The Edge Master Terminal Box comes with three weight trays, 3 large hook trays, four divided closed boxes and six mini closed boxes. So you have 16 closable containers to mix and match all your terminal tackle in accordingly. 

Myriad of storage options

The weight trays in the Plano Edge Master Terminal Box feature grooves for laying your bullet weights in order. The larger closable trays are good for those bigger plastics hooks and the divided trays work for weights, larger terminal tackle items. And finally the small removable trays are perfect for little items like rattles, beads, split rings, swivels, etc.

Lots of options in one box

So I packed my box full of terminal tackle. I like the clear lid on the Plano Edge Master Terminal Box as it lets me identify if what I need is in the box. I can quickly grab what I want and go. 

Organized really efficiently

The trays come out easily as they left a spot to slide your fingers in between the boxes to grab them out quickly. I also like on the open trays that I can get my fingers in there easily to grab a very small item. I hate when I have to fight fat fingers down into deep recesses of a tackle box to try to pinch out a little bitty split ring or swivel.

Nothing will spill if you don’t want it to

The nice thing is with this box design, all the compartments are closed so even if you kick your box over in the boat, it won’t take you an hour to reassemble it. And I find it’s a lot easier to take out a little box of rattles and dumb one in my hand then trying to maneuver one out of a little tray with a finger.


The weights pack tightly into a no-slip tray so they won’t rattle around or be susceptible to chipping. The lid presses down tightly on the weights to keep them from moving. And the trays have three different sizes of rows.

Keep that day’s tackle at your fingertips

The hook trays in the Plano EDGE Master Terminal Box hold hooks up to 6/0 sizes for soft plastics easily in offset, EWG and even weighted swimbait styles. 

Throw the packs in your pockets while fishing

The surprising thing about this system that I really like is being able to put a pack or two in my pocket while I’m fishing. So if I’m drop shotting, I can put drop shot hooks and weights in my pocket and I don’t have to dig out my terminal box everytime I hang up or a fish throws my weight off on the fight. 

Holds a lot in slim profile

The Plano Edge Master Terminal Box is a 3700 footprint, in a thin profile. It’s waterproof with a heavy duty lockable latch. The box has all these features plus Rustrictor rust preventative being molded into base. Plus the following: 

  • Super durable ribbed base and lid
  • Heavy-duty steel pin hinges
  • Innovative labeling system-Pre-cut vented dividers
  • Water-absorbing desiccant divider

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