The Bass Tank Lift Kit Review

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The Lift Kit offers a slick way to solve the annoying problems with the shorter foot pedals in deep recessed foot pedal trays on boats. If you ever fought your foot pedal, hitting anchor lock, course north and other buttons on the pedal you didn’t intend to push because you were reaching your foot down into the tray just to quietly turn the head and look with your livescope or stop your forward momentum, then you’ll appreciate this simple solution from THE BASS TANK.

The Problem

The big problem that the Lift Kit seeks to address is that new trolling motors and their new pedals are a lot shorter than the original Minn Kota and Motorguide trolling motor pedals. So most boats have these really deep recessed trolling motor pedal trays. 

The shorter pedal goes down into the deeper tray, and it’s no longer flush with the deck, which was the intention of recessed trays. Instead, it’s down in the deck. So you have to worm your foot down into the tray. And if you fish a lot of hours and days like us, you almost never look at your trolling motor pedal. You just feel around while your looking up at your targets making casts. 

So you inevitably hit the wrong buttons, throw it into anchor lock or course heading modes and run the risk of spooking fish or forcing you off balance.

The Solution

The Bass Tank Lift Kit is a simple quick add-on for shorter trolling motor pedal to get them back to closer to level on the deck of your boat with a recessed tray. The Kit is straightforward and you will have no problem doing the quick mod yourself.

The Heavy Duty Components

Basically the Lift Kit has heavy duty aluminum spacers and long self-tapping screws to go through your pedal, through the aluminum pedestals and into the foot pedal tray. 

The Quick Install

I used a cordless screw driver and backed out the 4 screws on my Garmin Force Trolling Motor pedal. I unhooked the pedal and got the spacers out to line up on the holes. 

It was not too difficult to line up the screw through the pedal and down through the aluminum risers to the holes. I sunk the screws and was back and installed in about 15 minutes. 

The Result

Now my pedal is back up level with my deck. My Phoenix has a pad under the carpet so it’s actually perfect because my foot can sit on the pad and toe the bottom of the pedal if I want to pan the trolling motor head left or right to sweep LiveScope around looking for fish or cover.

Having the pedal raised up has definitely minimized me hitting the wrong buttons twenty times a fishing trip. So I’m very happy with the functionality of The Bass Tank Lift Kit addition. 

Before and After

While it seems like a slight improvement, it takes a lot of frustration out of a long fishing day. 

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