Plano Edge Master Jig Bladed Jig Box Review

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Here is my first look at the new Plano Edge Master Jig and Bladed Jig Box. It’s a box that holds up to 70 jigs and Chatterbaits and is built well and keeps water out of your box. Here’s what I found with this box.

Unique idea

Plano created a new system for storage with the New Edge Series. The first thing people will notice is the new latching system that locks down extremely well at the front edge of the box, even when you only have on hand free.

The box is made of a rigid plastic and the edge is hinged with stainless steel hardware. The make several boxes for both all-purpose storage as well as boxes like the Jig and Bladed Jig Box that allows you store jigs in a custom, easily visible and accessible manner that is completely waterproof.

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Super clear lid

I filled the box up as soon as I got it with flipping jigs, casting jigs, football jigs, swim jigs, bladed swim jigs and finesse jigs. You can see where each one is by size, color and design before you even open the lid.

Heavy-duty construction

You slide the head of the jig between two posts and it holds them in place where the weed guards won’t get bent and warped.

That’s one of the biggest problems with throwing your jigs in a regular box, is that the other heads can malform the weed guard on your jigs. With this box you stand each jig up and they are easy to see, grab and go.

The Plano Edge Jig Box is heavy duty, although I think if you dropped it from a distance onto a hard surface, the clear cover would probably break. I haven’t done a drop test yet. I was going to wait until there was a little more availability because I’m curious to know what it can take falling off the tailgate of the truck or dropping it while loading or unloading a kayak.

Jigs stay in place

The pegs actually hold the jigs really well. If you flip it upside down and really violently shake it, some things will get jostled around. But upright and riding down the lake, the jigs stay exactly where you put them.

Pretty nifty design that holds a lot of jigs easily.

Holds a bunch of jigs and Chatterbaits

I piled the jigs and Chatterbaits into my Plano Edge Master Jig Box and was very happy with how many jigs I can carry in one box. This box has more than $250 worth of jigs in it. Certainly enough to get you through a long fishing trip, tournament or even a whole season of fishing depending on where you like to go.

Stays dry

The one big test I did do with this box was checking how waterproof it was. I actually dumped water on it several times and let it sit in a puddle of water. I did not completely submerge the box. I plan to do that with all of my jigs out of the box to see if I see any drops of water get into the box when I do that.

But on the dump test, the box stayed bone dry. Now I will say I was real careful to make sure none of the silicone skirt strands were hanging out of the box. A lot of people probably don’t realize that letting those strands dangle over a waterproof seal can actually compromise how waterproof the box is.

But the Dri-Loc seal on the Plano Edge was awesome. It’s easy to lock and open and stays waterproof throughout. One caution is you can get one side to close all the way while the other side could be latched but not all the way sealed. I had a jig hook get over one of the compartments and I was able to close and latch the box but one side was slightly lifted. So again just make sure everything is all the way in the box and you’ll have no issues.

Serious tackle box for serious jig guys

If you are an avid jig fisherman and have dozens of jigs and Chatterbaits to store, this is a good option to check out. We recommend these retailers online for Plano Edge boxes:


You can find more about the Edge storage system at