Lew’s Tournament Pro LFS Baitcaster Review

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Arguably one of angler’s favorite reels in the Lew’s baitcaster lineup, the new version of the Tournament Pro LFS adds many features, technologies and updates some of your favorite attributes from previous models.

New Shape and Feel

The new for 2019 Lews Tournament Pro LFS baitcaster adds many new technologies and features and updates favorites from this incredibly popular reel line. 

The spear head design is a noticeable change to the one-piece aluminum frame. The matte black reel packs 11 ball bearings, 20-pounds of carbon fiber drag, a carbon fiber handle, 27-point adjustable braking system and 3 options of 6.8:1, 7.5:1 and 8.3:1 gear ratios. 

But the biggest improvements are to the guts of the Tournament Pro LFS. It features new solid brass Speed Gears and a P2 bearing supported pinion gear for precise alignment and better internal meshing of components. 

What that translates to for an angler is a longer lasting reel that will better withstand getting any play as it wears. This reel will stay solid and tight for a long time.

Great braking and tension adjustment

I have found the Lew’s Tournament Pro LFS reel to be very reliable and a great casting reel with minimal adjustment. I’ve been skipping baits way back under docks, flipping and pitching into dense cover, slinging weightless senkos, fishing smaller swimbaits and even a little spinnerbait fishing with this reel this spring. 

The Tournament Pro LFS handles a lot of “wind” issues with lighter baits exceptionally well. And I’ve been very happy with how sturdy it is under intense pressure like when you hit a fish up close in a flooded bush. The carbon fiber handle is solid while reducing weight in the reel. 

Good palmable size

Maybe I have big hands but I found this reel to be very palmable. It’s not the smallest form factor I’ve seen in a Lew’s reel but it sits nicely in my hand and it feels solid. I think the aluminum frame and beefed up gearing give it a real heavy duty feel without feeling like a heavy weight in the hand.

Speed Keeper and Titanium Coated Zirconia Line Guide

The titanium-coated Zirconia line guide gives you a very smooth cast and smooth retrieve throughout. Even when using bigger lines like 20-pound fluorocarbon. 

I have been flipping with it the last couple of weeks with 20-pound Seaguar Tatsu on a Doomsday The 47 flipping stick. It’s been a fun setup for snatching bass out of flooded cover on Kentucky Lake. 

I love the Speed Keeper placement by the rod’s foregrip. This is my prefered placement for hooking baits. It’s on the cork so it doesn’t scar my rod. And having it here on the reel keeps you from getting hook rash on your reel too. 

Updated Combat Style Grips

Lew’s has updated the grips and handles on a lot of their reels the last few years and that had a lot of anglers asking for a few newer options with the traditional paddles. They answered those requests on the Tournament Pro LFS by bringing back the paddles with and updated combat grip as well as on the thumbar to give you no slip handling in wet conditions. 

Updated Spool system

The spool system and braking systems are modified and updated which has a lot to do with how well this reel casts in a variety of conditions. I’ve been really happy with how well I’ve been able to target cast without overruns regardless of the bait I’m using. 

Line Dial rounds out features

And I think the line dial on the tension knob is just genius. So easy to keep up with what pound test you have on each reel. 

The Lew’s Tournament Pro LFS reel is really packed with features for tournament bass fishing and fun weekend getaways alike. The reel retails for $199 and is a very good investment for the angler who wants a reel that will last with a ton of practical features. 

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