Jenko Fishing Tremor Shad Review

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Big shad bodies and wobbling head swimbait heads are staples here on the TVA, and this season, I’ve been throwing the new Jenko Fishing Tremor Shad on a Tremor Head to catch a bunch of big bass offshore on river channel edges (ledges). Here are my thoughts on this newer soft plastic fishing lure.

Tremor Shad made from super soft formulation

The Jenko Fishing Tremor Shad is made from a softer formulation of plastic. So the body really shimmies and shakes and the tail whips side to side as the scrounger style head wobbles back and forth. The flat top helps keel the bait properly and I was able to catch several big bass on a single tail.

Tremor Shad rigs easy and straight on larger Tremor Heads

The Tremor Shad is easy to rig straight and the thicker head and body section helps the larger sized Tremor Heads rig straight and stay together when setting the hook and getting bit by multiple fish like you often find on offshore schools. 

Comes in 5-inch and 7-inch options

The 5-inch Tremor Shad comes 5 to a pack and the 7-inch Tremor Shad, which I fished most of the time, comes 3 to a pack. I was able to stretch a single pack into a couple of trips of hot action offshore. The eyes stayed on pretty well. The body eventually tears after several fish. Surprisingly the whippy tail didn’t tear up at all. 

Definitely a big bass presentation

I caught multiple bass weighing more than 5 pounds on the Tremor Head and Tremor Shad combo. Most of the time I fished a 1-ounce head with the 7-inch tail. I liked the 3/4 ounce head for the 5-inch tail. I would usually fish it on 15 to 17-pound fluorocarbon on a medium heavy Megabass Levante Mission Type F rod. I basically make long casts, let the bait sink to the bottom and start a very slow crawl retrieve. Sometimes I will use a sweep and drop retrieve. But most of the time I just steady reel and let the head and tail do the work. 

Packaging for Tremor Shad and Tremor Heads

You can find the Tremor Head and Tremor Shad on and local retailers carrying Jenko Fishing products including most big box outlets now. 

I had a fun evening with the Tremor Shad including this beast

I setup a GoPro and was able to capture a flurry on video. This is one of my favorite stills from a good evening of ledge fishing with the Tremor Shad

A bonus big bite while filming

On a filming shoot, I picked up the Tremor Shad and caught this nice bass on my first cast. It’s definitely a fish catcher. Click here to check out all the colors offered of this big shad soft plastic body.

Jenko Tremor Shad catching some nice bass on video

Some fish catching action of the Jenko Tremor shad on Kentucky Lake.