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Gerber Neat Freak Scissors Review

A good pair of fishing scissors are worth their weight in gold. Not only will they make your life easier, but they will save your teeth if you’re like me and bite through your line or tag ends often in a rush. I’ve had a pair of scissors now that are inexpensive and still cut braid perfectly without tension after 36 months as they did in month one. The Gerber Neat Freak scissors are arguably the best scissors on the market right now for anglers.

Old and New

While you can buy a pair of scissors for cheaper, at $19, this is a hard one to pass up. Cheaper scissors lose their tension, will rust shut and dull quickly. 

The Gerber Neat Freak offers long lasting durability on their blades, tightness and performance. I’ve had a pair in my boat for 3 years now and while they show signs of wear, they don’t perform as if they have any wear. I can cut small little ends off of braid without any tension on the line. Just a bare line and the tension of the blades on these scissors, and it cuts perfectly and cleanly every time.

I bought another pair (the blue saltwater version above) just because I love these so much and I didn’t want to miss out on having them if for some reason these scissors finally didn’t work after 10 years. They are that good. I could be giving these scissors to my son’s kids some day. 

Micro Serrated Edge and Stable Camber

The secret to these scissors being so dang good, is the micro serrated edge and thicker blades. 

Micro-serrations are ground into the blade to create a surface that literally grabs ahold of the braided line and holds it in place for a precise cut. In addition to the serrations, the blades are intentionally thick to provide a stable camber, or the interaction between the blades as they cut. This ends up being crucial, as it allows for stable follow-through as you are cutting through thick line, jig skirts or even fillets.

Split Shot Crimp

A few components are built into the scissors including a split shot crimp to easily pinch weight tightly onto your line. I use this more when I add a split shot to my crappie jigs to get them to depth quicker. I have been sliding a couple of bobber stops up on the line and pinching on different size split shot with this crimp to add weight when I’m LiveScoping crappie in brush.

Bottle Opener

The bottle opener is handy and out of the way from day-to-day operations. So you can cut, crimp, open and more with one tool in your pocket, on the deck or in your tackle box. Or you can add the Defender belt clip tether has a retractable leash that keeps them handy on your hip. 

Cuts Like New at 3 Years Old

My 3-year-old Gerber Neat Freaks have been in the rain and splashing water on the boat. Have not been cleaned or touched up one time in all these years and still operate like new and cut through braid like a hot knife through butter. It’s really impressive how tight and precise these scissors still cut after all these years. Tag end of braid, just slide it into the blades and cut it off evenly and perfectly without fail.

Old Scissors Cuts Braid Perfectly Still

Seriously, if you need the best pair of braid cutting scissors to last you a long while for as cheap as $20, check out the Gerber Neat Freak scissors at these online retailers: