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Savage Gear Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish Swimbait Review

Swimbaits of all sizes have gained a ton of popularity over the last decade. From huge Huddlestons down to tiny Keitechs, swimbaits make up a large segment of the market. As more and more people get into fishing and continue to create a larger demand for baits of all kinds, dozens of companies are trying their hand at creating something a little different and putting their own spin on swimbaits.

Savage Gear is a company that’s been in the swimbait game for a while now. Though they’re not new to the scene, they’re constantly evolving their swimbait offerings. I’ve been testing out their Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish Swimbait for a while now and really like it. It’s a compact swimbait that still packs a big punch. Let’s dive into some of the particulars.

Excellent size increases versatility

The Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish Swimbait is a good size for a multitude of anglers. One thing that turns people off of getting into swimbait fishing is the idea that they won’t be catching many fish. The fact of the matter is that small fish will still attack big swimbaits, but that debate is a moot point when taking this little guy into consideration. At 4 inches long, there’s hardly any fish out there that can’t inhale the whole bait.

I also like the weight of the bait. Though it is only 4 inches long, the Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish weighs a whole ounce. Lots of other swimbaits this size weigh only a 1/2-ounce or even less. That weight and the shape of the bait make it a breeze to skip, which allows you to fish underneath docks, bushes and laydowns; areas many other swimbaits can’t reach. 

The hook is ready for anything

For its size, this small swimbait still packs a big punch. With a bold, strong and sharp hook, you’ll be ready no matter what size fish comes along. The hook has a good gap between its point and the back of the swimbait to ensure there’s plenty of room for a solid hookup. And with a wire harness running from the hook to the eye of the bait, there’s no need to worry about a big fish tearing the bait apart. 

Optional treble hook eyelet

In addition to the main hook, Savage Gear added an eyelet to the bottom of the bait where a treble hook can be placed. When skipping the bait, I prefer not to add a treble hook. The bait skips a little better without it and there are three less points to lodge into cover in the event of an errant cast.

But when fishing this bait in open water, especially for spotted or smallmouth bass, the added treble will generate several additional hookups. Both spots and smallmouths have a tendency to slap at a bait. Having a treble hook below the bait will help convert those slaps into hookups where the top hook never could alone. 

The right density

The Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish Swimbait is the right balance between soft and tough. The material Savage Gear used is soft enough to generate a nice tight kick, but not too soft to where a bass could easily bite the tail off. Finding that balance is key but can be tricky. Savage Gear nailed it with this bait. 

Tail design

The tail design with the Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish Swimbait is neat, too. Obviously with all swimbaits, the tail is the most important part. It has to be the right size and shape to generate the majority of the action for the bait.

The tail on this bait is just a smidgen wider than the body and has two little cuts in it. That combination creates an action where the tail not only kicks from side to side, but also rocks vertically a bit. That vertical rocking action throws the whole bait into a very subtle rock which creates a little flash from the bait.

All in all, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail RTF Swimbait is a pint-sized powerhouse. It has the attributes of a big swimbait that pull in big bites but comes in a size that won’t intimidate the much needed keepers with which tournament anglers are looking to fill their limits. A strong, sharp main hook and the option to add a treble below gives the bait adaptability and a wider range in which it can be used. At $8.99, this is a durable little bait that can be used to catch multiple big fish, and that certainly makes it worth a try. 

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