Freedom Tackle Brush-Less Jig Review

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Finding a jig for heavy cover like brush and lay downs can involve a lot of trial and error. It can frustrate even the most even-tempered anglers; finding a school of fish only to spook them by getting hung up or busting up a wad of bass just because a jig got buried deep into a log and bush.

Perfect for off-the-bank fishing

I love to fish offshore and the challenge is finding a suitable jig; one the fish like based on color and trailer but also finding one that gets through the junk. More times than not you don’t get both with any single jig. Finding a lifelike offering that catches fish may be one that hangs up all the time and one that is stealthy won’t catch them. That is where the Freedom Brush-Less Jig comes in.


Swing head

Numerous companies now offer jigs that let the hook move freely but none have the ability to change the hook or be entirely weedless like the Freedom Brush-Less. A patent pending design provides for a more lifelike action but more importantly keeps hooked fish from getting leverage and throwing the hook. Swing style heads allow the hook to penetrate the fish’s mouth but keep from tearing a hole when fish fight—a huge advantage especially in cover.


Unique head design

The Freedom Brush-Less has a very unique head design that is equally effective in brush and rock. I have some knarly piles of rocks and brush at my local lake that I have actually tried to get it hung in but to no avail. The roundish head has a curved belly, flat sides to a recessed line tie and a smooth nose that glances off jagged surfaces flawlessly. The line tie is recessed 60 degrees that adds to its effectiveness. 

The balance of the head through its design dynamics allows for a unique slide in the water too. I have been using the 1/2-ounce model and have found it equally effective both dragged along the bottom and stroked. Until recently, within the last few years, stroking a jig didn’t pay off here. There are situations where that technique shines and timing is perfect when water temperatures reach 80 degrees and fish are suspending. It also slides well through grass. 

Thermocline has not been established yet in my neck of the woods but better fish are found in 12 feet of water over points and channel swings. Stroking the Freedom Brush-Less has been my go-to for about the last two weeks. The Brush-Less has a huge advantage for this technique as it flexes on the fall and combined with a craw trailer looks alive. I have caught fish from 1 pound to 5 pounds with this jig. 


Keeper system

One of the keys to this jig is the screw-lock keeper that is held on the bend of the offset with a small piece of tubing. It swings side to side but will not slip down on the hook. Due to its positioning on the bend it keeps any trailer straight that can be irritating on other jigs like it. 

I am partial to a Zoom Super Speed Craw with this jig as it allows for more action but also decreases the rate of fall and this keeper system is the best I have tested to date for more fish per craw. 


The Freedom Brush-Less needs very little customization but trimming the skirt on the long strands by about 1/2-inch is something I have found that results in more bites. No need to trim it if swimming it over cover as the creative skirt design with long and short strands adds to the lifelike action of the Brush-Less when stopped and pulled. It flows tight when pulled and opens when falling or stopped. 


The capsule that keeps the hook allows for hooks to be changed and adjusted. The Brush-Less only rotates 45 degrees in the capsule so it won’t roll over and get hung up even if the trailer comes unbuttoned. On occasion I have upgraded the hooks to a straight shank 5/0 Trokar TK130 or an offset Gamakatsu 5/0 EWG. I like a beefy hook for offshore fishing but keeping them sharp is the key especially when long casts are part of it. If a fish hits on the fall I want as good of a hookset as possible. Rarely do you no hook a fish in the top of the mouth with the Brush-Less. 

Final impressions

It is very rare that you find the versatility in a jig like you can with the Freedom Brush-Less. I have stood by a football head for a lot of my fishing but have added the new Freedom Brush-Less to my arsenal after this experience. The paint holds up extremely well on the head and I love the keeper system; both important considerations for jigs in my book. This jig works well cranked through and around grass as well. 

I recommend giving them a try. You can find ’em at

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