Flambeau 4510 Double Deep Half Tuff Tainer Review

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Recently I was introduced me a new tackle box, the Flambeau 4510. My dad was looking for something to use as a co-angler box since we fish most team tournaments now out of my boat. He had tried several bags but his stuff would get wet and he didn’t like that he couldn’t readily see what he had. So he bought this box and developed a pretty good system. I’m going to tell you more about his setup now and the uses that I have since found for the box myself.

Dad’s co-angler box

Most anything dad or I will need, I already have in my boat. So he doesn’t typically bring a ton of tackle. But there are a few things he likes to do a little different and then there are the little things he might need throughout the day that he’d just like to have handy like super glue and scissors and what not.

The Flambeau 4510 is a fairly wide and deep box that dad can easily store whole packs of soft plastics in as well as hang spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and treble hooked baits for easy access. He even cut little hook hanger grooves in a couple of the dividers to better accommodate his baits that do have exposed hooks. Now he can see what he has and not be digging around in a dark bag full of sharp hooks. 

What is Zerust?

Even thought the box isn’t 100% waterproof, the dividers are made out of Zerust which is a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) that travels through the air to form a protective layer over metal surfaces. This works to keep your baits rust-free in a humid environment and is something you should definitely throw into boxes that do have a watertight seal as well.

Although watertight boxes do a great job of keeping water out, they also do a great job of keeping water in when you open your box in the rain or throw a wet bait back in. You can buy Flambeau’s Zerust Plastabs Rust Inhibitors separately and I highly recommend doing so as I have them in all my hard bait boxes. 

What I use the 4510 for

Some time last year, I bought a bunch of cheap plastic containers off Amazon because I wanted a new way to organize some of my tackle that I like to leave in its original packaging. Things like spinnerbaits, hollow body frogs and soft plastics. Though the containers did a good job at the onset, their cheapness quickly shone through as the lids started to warp and the latches constantly popped open or all the way off in rough water.

The 4510 is the perfect size to fit several hollow body frogs while still leaving them in their original packaging. Leaving frogs in their packaging certainly makes them last a good bit longer and ensures their legs aren’t in weird positions and all tangled and melted by the time you go to fish with them.

This box is again a great size for soft plastics still in the pack and the optional dividers either allow you to separate out multiple types of baits in one box or you can remove them and load a box up with a stockpile of your favorite bait. And if you do remove the divider, remember it’s made of Zerust. I have taken these dividers that I didn’t need from other Flambeau boxes in the past and cut them up to throw little pieces into other boxes where rust might be a bigger concern. 


This box is definitely a higher quality box than the little plastic tubs that I bought on Amazon. It’s sturdy with a good latch and a nice hinge on the back so that I’m not loosing lids and they’re not getting warped. The lid also helps shield against water in the event that you do have to open the box in the rain. Add to that an easy carry handle and you’ve got a good quality build. 

In conclusion

In addition to frogs and soft plastics, buzzbaits, ChatterBaits, spinnerbaits and more can easily be stored in the 4510 without worrying about rust or having to remove the baits from their original packaging. Add the storage possibilities to the solid construction and that makes the 4510 a box that I needed several of.

Whether you’re looking for a good co-angler box or need to reorganize your boat or shop, at $14.99 the Flambeau 4510 Double Deep Half Tuff’ Tainer with Zerust gives you a quality product that will help organize and protect your investment for the long term. 

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