Evolution Outdoors Big Bait Bag Review

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Over the last several years I’ve invested in a variety of big glide baits. This style of fishing is tons of fun and tends to catch some giant bass. While throwing these big swimbaits can be a blast, finding a good way to store them isn’t as enjoyable. Many of these large swimbaits cost a pretty penny, and storing them improperly can alter their action and hinder performance on the water. I’ve tried many different storage options over the last several years, however I think I’ve finally found the ideal one. The Evolution Outdoors Big Bait Bag has been the perfect solution for both storing and protecting nearly every glide bait I own.

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The Evolution Outdoors Roll-Up Big Bait Bag is tailor-made for larger lures such as glide baits. It features four spacious pockets, each designed to securely hold plus-sized lures. Constructed from a blend of premium materials, including tarpaulin and durable PVC, it ensures protection against hook penetration, scratches and bent tails. Each pocket includes two holes to prevent water accumulation, ideal for both bank fishermen and competitive anglers.

Its roll-up design not only optimizes storage space, but also enhances portability, making it easy to carry your full arsenal of baits no matter where you go. The 10” bag accommodates baits up to 10 inches long, perfectly sized for the average glide bait. Four large pockets provide room for large baits, soft plastic bags, and swimbait clam shells. An additional external pocket offers space for bait accessories like extra tails, leader wire and whatever else you may need.


I’ve used the Evolution Outdoors Big Bait Bag for the last several months now, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite ways to store big glide baits and swimbaits. One of the biggest reasons I prefer this bag over traditional storage methods is the protection it provides. I used to just toss my large baits in a traditional tackle box with deep compartments. While this got the job done, my lures would all slide around causing the tails to kink and the paint to chip.

The Big Bait Bag eliminates this issue by using individual pockets to store baits. These ensure your baits are secure, preventing intricate paint jobs from chipping. This type of storage is especially crucial whenever you’re storing brush-tailed swimbaits. Brush tails are extremely lifelike, however they’re prone to getting damaged whenever they get crushed, flattened, or rolled. The pockets ensure everything stays in its place, prolonging the life of your swimbaits. 


Another one of my favorite features on the Evolution Outdoors Big Bait Bag is its durability. Traditional tackle boxes are made out of hard plastic material that is prone to breaking. This is especially true whenever you’re moving them around between boats, cars and other locations. The Big Bait Bag is made out of a soft material that won’t crack or break no matter where you store it. Furthermore, this bag rolls up allowing you to store a ton of baits without taking up tons of room. Finished off with a heavy duty handle, this bag is perfect for the bank, boat and any other fishing scenario.

Throwing glide baits is one of my favorite ways to catch big bass. While this is an exciting way to fish, they’re fairly expensive. Making sure you protect your investment is the best way to get the most out of your glide bait purchase. If you love throwing big baits and are looking for an effective and affordable storage option, I highly recommend giving the Evolution Outdoors Big Bait Bag a try.

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