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Daiwa BG Spinning Reel Review

 Daiwa has a history for making some of the best spinning reels on the market, and they packed a lot of their higher end technologies into the BG Spinning reel that sells at the attractive $99 price point. This reel is better than a lot of $199-$299 reels I’ve fished in the past and one of the better values I’ve found in spinning reels in a while. Here are some of the features that make me say that. 

Great construction

The Daiwa BG Spinning reel is actually listed under their saltwater reels, but you can order them on which means a lot of bass anglers have been demanding them and buying them. They incorporated a lot of technology and durability into the reel that makes it such a good value. The dynamic cut ABS spool, the aluminum body, the Digigear System, the waterproof drag system, machined aluminum screw-in handle and more make this such a silky smooth and tough reel for any freshwater or saltwater angler alike.

Swept spool and better line management

The ABS swept spool lays line really well. I’ve fished it with braid, fluorocarbon and a braid with fluoro leader combination and all have performed very well on the Daiwa BG Reel. How the line lays on a spinning reel is equally as important as how it slides off the reel on the cast. Both lend themselves to greater casting distance, but more importantly less loops and wind knots through days of use. Daiwa did an amazing job on the spool design of this reel. It’s super fluid with its Air Rotor construction and casts so well. 

Really great roller and pick up

The larger roller and pickup on the bail helps alleviate line twist and looping with the Daiwa BG. I had no issues with line management fishing everything from drop shots, shaky heads, jerkbaits and small swimbaits on this spinning reel. They bail opens easily and locks in solid on hooksets, and I have a tendency to really lean into deep water fish, which is where you often see flex in bails and where they often start loosening on you. The BG is as rock solid as it was when I got it this spring.

Awesome drag

I love the looks and detailing on the Daiwa BG spinning reel. But I like its usability much more. The waterproof drag system on this spinning reel is as good as I’ve seen on a reel in this price point. It is silky smooth on the fight, adjusts easily with the smallest of corrections available and because its water sealed it will last a long time. I feel very confident allowing the drag on the BG to do its job when I know I’ve hooked into a good fish and back the drag off on the fight. 

Comfortable and sturdy

I cannot stress how well made and solid the Daiwa BG spinning reel feels in your hand. I fished with the 15oo size reel and it fishes like a larger reel without being overly heavy in your hand. I love the heavy duty paddle on the handle, the aluminum handle arm that stays tightened down and how solid the arm feels on the rod when you’re really leaning into a fish on the fight. 

Great looking and fishing reel at great price point

The Daiwa BG spinning reel is an amazingly detailed, durable and fun reel to fish. I would feel confident recommending this as your go-to spinning reel at the $99 price point because of how many features it has packed into that value. 

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