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ACC Crappie Stix Green Series 8-Foot Rod Review

One of the things that I didn’t like when I first got into crappie fishing was how flimsy the rods were. It was like trying to fish with a limp bullwhip. Turns out ACC Crappie Stix founder Andy Lehman had the exact same feeling when he was getting into crappie fishing but decided to do something about it. So he started on the quest to make some light and sensitive crappie rods that had a little more meat to them so you could hook, fight and swing bigger crappie in without feeling like the wind, waves and fish controlled the angler the whole time.

I’ve been fishing with the ACC Crappie Stix Green Series 8-footer for several months now and really enjoy how this rod fishes. It’s a unique size that in my opinion makes it very versatile. Let me explain what I mean, but first let’s look at what’s different about these crappie fishing rods.

Lots of comfort and backbone

The ACC Crappie Stix Green Series 8-Foot Rod (GS08M) employs a high-grade carbon fiber, fine grade cork grips and durable components to make a long lasting, sensitive rod that can serve nearly every purpose in crappie fishing. 

The best part of this rod though is that it can really handle big crappie. I can shoot 1/16-ounce jigs, pull crankbaits, cast larger jigs, fish a slip cork and vertical jig all with this one rod. It’s an 8-foot rod but it fishes more like a 7-foot rod because it’s so light and comfortable to fish.

Great casting rod

The Microwave feeder guide gives the ACC Crappie Stix GS08M rod lots of casting distance. I can get a ton of distance with a 3/32-ounce jig and a 1/16 jig is easy to cast surprisingly as well thanks in large part to the American Tackle Company Microwave guides. The rod has great balance and is incredibly sensitive even on a long casts. I worked over the crappie this fall and winter with this rod and had a lot of fun doing it.

Good sensitivity

For being a bit larger crappie casting rod, this rod is as sensitive as I’ve seen. I really like that because with the added power, you often sacrifice sensitivity. But that wasn’t the case with these rods. 

The components are heavy duty but still the rod is surprisingly sensitive. I caught a bunch of fish vertical jigging, casting, shooting docks and even slip floating. 

Two piece makes for easy travel

I used to really avoid 2-piece rods because it seemed those 2-piece rods of yesteryear ended up having issues in the joint at some point. But ferals on rods have come a long way and these 2-piece GS08M Rods add another level of convenience for being able to store them as well as throw them in the trunk of a car to travel to fish. 

I keep this rod often behind the headrest in the backseat of my truck. I have a reel and a small crappie bag under my seat so I can literally stop anywhere I see promising water and fish. 

This rod is a crappie getter

I’ve really latched onto this rod for casting and jigging. I can get a jig out to the fish on cover and fish it all the way back to right under the boat equally well. You can feel soft bites and detect when your line is on a limb well with this rod. I’ve caught dozens of big crappie already on it in a variety of uses and conditions. It’s comfortable, balances well with a larger spinning reel and gives me a lot of options in one rod. 

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