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Winter Bass Fishing for Giants: Tips for Finding Big Bass in Cold Water

Winter fishing is the time of year where you have the chance to catch your biggest bass. Most people think that prespawn is the only chance to catch a big bass. That’s largely because some of the big bass get shallow and little easier to access for a few weeks out of the year. But a number of record and trophy sized bass get caught in the winter out deep. 

John Soukup of The Bass Tank shows how he fishes and finds bass in the winter and proves its effectiveness boating a 10-pounder and another bass almost 7 pounds in this video. 

Soukup shows off the effectiveness of real-time imaging like Garmin Livescope for scanning areas and following the bait and then presenting lures like Alabama Rigs and deep jerkbaits to bass in deep water and gauging their activity and reactions to find the fish that will bite. 

If you are in the market for new electronics, The Bass Tank can get you setup with the right gear, answer your questions about your gear and will be sharing a lot more in upcoming content. Their system for maximizing electronics configurations and how to apply them to finding fish will make you a much more efficient angler. Rumor has it Soukup catches one over 11 1/2 pounds in his next video with us filmed the day after this video on a completely different lake. These guys know their stuff!