Lunkerhunt Fetch Swimbait Review

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I love to throw swimbaits. It’s pretty much all I want to throw anymore. I enjoy breaking the monotony and playing with as many different swimbaits as I can always looking for a new cricket. Lately, I’ve been throwing the Lunkerhunt Fetch as I’m fishing shallow a lot more.

The Fetch is a really good swimbait for the price. At $6.99 a 3-pack, I was figuring it would be like some pack swimbaits and be okay on a jighead or halfway decent on a weighted hook. I was really impressed with not only how well these baits swim, but also how level they stay and how well they stay on the hook correctly skip after skip.

The grooved underbelly keeps a 6/0-8/0 weighted EWG in place really well, and most importantly, it helps keep the hook point on the back of the swimbait so you can slide it up under docks, overhangs and laydowns without worrying about the swimbait catching.

The formulation of plastic in the Lunkerhunt Fetch is as good as I’ve seen on a mass produced swimbait. It does not tear up even after several catches. I have used the same swimbait for several trips with only minor repairs here and there.

I’m super impressed with how it stays upright. The way the chin has a channel under it keeps the head upright which seems to keep the rest of the bait swimming true.

I’ve been fishing the Fetch where I often fish a swim jig or hollow body frog. I had some fun on it recently just swimming it through bank grass in shade pockets on the lake.

Lunkerhunt put a lot of detail into this solid body swimbaits with flared gills, protruding fins, scale patterns and two tone coloration besides all the functional design. They are listed as 4 1/2 inches but I would consider them more akin to a 5-inch paddle tail.

I am starting to take guys fishing and showing them how easy it is to fish the Fetch. If you are trying to learn to skip, put this on a lightly weighted swimbait hook like the 1/4 ounce Trokar Magnum Swimbait Hook. Then learn to slide the bait under objects. I usually teach people on dock walkways. The fetch really slides well and catches fish because of where you can get it.
If you’re looking to table a bit with shallow swimbaits, you really should checkout the Lunkerhunt Fetch. I have had them in my boat all this year and hadn’t realized how good they were until I started fishing them a few weeks back.

Check out the Lunkerhunt Fetch at or other retailers that carry Lunkerhunt. Visit for more details on these swimbaits A $6.99 pack will last you several fishing trips and are worth the investment. For every catch I’ve had so far, I’ve had some fun stories of blow ups out of the water, big fish sharking under it and not taking it and fish shooting out from under a dock so fast and missing it that they spray water.

I think you’ll like them if you give them a swim. I stuck with Tennessee Shad and Common Shiner colors the most. Check out some killer shots of Fetch in action.

Lots of lifelike details in this bait with gills, scales, and fins

Channeled chin keeps the swimbait perfectly level coming through cover

Hook slot groove for perfect rigging on an EWG or screwlock hook

Keeps the hook on the back and out of cover

Packaging keeps the swimbaits from warping

It’s been fun fishing it around docks, laydowns and shallow grass

Hookups are good on this swimbait even in heavy cover

A fun swimbait that swims good and holds up really well