How to Fish Big Swimbaits Around Hard Cover

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Few anglers have invested more time and passion into the art of targeting big bass with swimbaits than Brandon Palaniuk. This video details Palaniuk’s approach to fishing glide baits and magnum soft swimbaits around laydown trees, docks, and other complex and hard cover.


Big bass are dominant predators that live around the best available cover, with trees and docks near the top of the list. Large swimbaits represent a big meal and are ideally suited for triggering and revealing the biggest bass in any given system. Palaniuk explains how he positions his boat relative to the structure to make high-percentage casts that account for current, shade, and the shape of the cover.

Fishing big baits require rod setups designed for the task. Palaniuk shares his go-to rod, reel, and line combo for effective casting and keeping bass hooked. He uses the same setup in open water or when making targeted casts around cover.

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