The Basics of Glide Bait Fishing Bass

Despite their big profiles, glide baits are effective lures for catching numbers of bass in a range of sizes. That said, they shine for revealing and catching the biggest bass in any given system. Dan Quinn instructs how and where to fish glide baits on a lake near you.


Widely considered most effective during the pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn, Quinn has had excellent success during the summer and fall months as well. He shares where to fish them, with an emphasis on targeting the most prominent, best-looking structure and cover. He then dives into how to work glide baits with your reel and rod – it’s a freestyle lure, so retrieves vary widely from straight and slow, burning, wide glides or even 180-degree bait reversals with well-designed baits. The angler is in the driver’s seat of a sports car lure that responds to your input.

Tie one on, head to the best-looking spots on the lake, and figure out what the fish want on any given day. Keep at it, and you’ll be well on your way to a new personal best.


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