Flatlands Custom Tackle Shimmer Spin Review

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The Flatlands Custom Tackle Shimmer Spin is a slick little twist on a bass fishing rig for creating a hybrid swimbait-spinnerbait presentation. This rig features a spinnerbait arm and blades attached to a weedless swimbait hook, weighted and sized in various options for anglers fishing alll depths. So you can imitate a school of small baitfish. I’ve been mixing this in with my swimbaits this year to have a more natural profile in cleaner water that a bigger bulkier spinnerbait might be a little too gaudy. Here’s a quick look at this unique bait.

Good design

The Flatlands Custom Tackle Shimmer Spin is a neat new twist on spinnerbaits and weedless swimbaits. It actually reminds me of a mini Alabama rig. A couple blades and a swimbait. I’ve been using it to cover open water areas on the lake. Sitting way off a bank and fishing through a big swath of water column at one time with this has yielded some nice bass. 

Quality blades and hardware

The blades, beads, springs and construction are all solid on the Shimmer Spin. It casts well, comes through cover well and doesn’t tear up on fish. Occasionally the swimbait gets a little bound up at the nose, but it’s usually just spun around and is corrected easily and quickly. It’s well made and I’ve swung a couple of 4 pounders on it without any issue—a good testament to how solid the components are.

Swimbait hook plus spinnerbait arm

The swimbait hook uses a stout wire, and it’s tacky sharp. So you can lean on a fish, especially one around cover.  The swimbait hook is free swinging so the bait collapses well on a bite. The spring is okay. I have been opening them up for some swimbaits to get a better bite, or putting an Owner Twist Lock spring for certain swimbaits.

Various sizes

The Shimmer Spin comes in various sizes ranging from a 4/0 – 3/16-ounce version all the way up to an 8/0 version with a 1-ounce molded weight on the swimbait hook. So you can use small swimbaits or great big swimbaits in a foot of water or out in 25 feet of water. There is a size for everywhere you might want to bass fish.

Slick rig for mimicking small pods of baitfish

I like how the Shimmer Spin looks in the water. The swimbait swims well and the blades spin and vibrate really well. It looks like several baitfish coming through the water. It’s been a pretty neat deal for the shad spawn happening around here lately. 

Compact and subtle

Dress up a simple swimbait with the Shimmer Spin. Pull it through the gnarliest cover, brush piles, laydown trees, grass, etc. I’ve even been able to skip it under boat docks. It doesn’t work every time. But most of the time I can slide it under there easier than a spinnerbait. So that’s another added bonus I’ve found with it.

You can find the Flatlands Custom Tackle Shimmer Spin at TackleWarehouse.com

Awesome fish on the Flatlands Shimmer Spin

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