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How to Fish Weedless Swimbaits for Summertime Bass

Outer weedlines are high-percentage areas to find and catch summer bass on grass lakes throughout the country. While Texas rigs and jigs are top choices, grass edges often extend miles, making locating bass a timely and laborious process. Wired2Fish contributor Dan Quinn explains the power of using moving baits, and weedless swimbaits, in particular, to comb grasslines in search of active summer bass.


Quinn uses side imaging to find the best-looking grass edges, then makes long parallel casts with paddletail swimbaits paired on bladed weedless swimbait hooks. The blade adds additional flash and vibration — a big plus on waters with flashy baitfish and in wind conditions. Focus your efforts on the windblown side of the lake first, as current and surface commotion usually increases bass activity.

Like a spinnerbait or ChatterBait, Quinn stresses the need to give bass extra time to eat the bait. He walks through the delayed hook setting process and shares his preferred rod, reel, and line for hooking and landing bass in this cover-rich environment.