Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer Review

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I was sent some of the Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer bass fishing swimbaits to try in 2019 and I had early success with them on the tail end of last winter but didn’t pick them up again until this winter. And now I’m convinced there is something special about the formulation of these swimbaits that makes them a dynamite option for bass fishing in cold water. Here’s some of the intricacies of this swimbait that make them worth checking out.

Best details on a soft swimbait

The first thing I notice about the Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer is the detailing for a soft swimbait. You will only find this type of detailing on a hand-poured swimbait. Because of the special hand-pour process Beast Coast uses they are able to formulate the swimbaits with several different colors and then paint additional detailing over them as well.

This painstaking process results in a good looking swimbait that has a unique custom blend of realism and attracting details and color additions that make these really one of a kind.

Proprietary plastic formulation is really good

Beast Coast uses a proprietary blend of scent and floating plastic to create  a soft swimbait with its own scent that has a seductive tail kick at ultra slow speeds and in cold water. At the slightest of angles, the tail flops from side to side, giving the Miyagi Swimmer a very lifelike swimming action.

The size at 4 3/4 inches coupled with its narrower profile for a flat top swimbait, makes it a great coldwater option. Swimbaits with thicker designs and more rigid plastic have to be reeled at certain speed, usually much faster than I want to fish in the winter, to even get their tails to kick. 

Very good paint and colors

The other thing I really like about these swimbaits is the plethora of great, unique colors they have. And because it’s between 4-5 inches with a little taller profile, it mimics bluegill equally as well as baitfish. They just added a bunch of new colors for 2020, so you should visit to check out the new options. 

But I really love Secret Ayu, Dope Gill, Beast Coast Shad, and JL’s Candy Crush.

Enlarged hook slot on belly

I have primarily been fishing the Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer on a 3/4-ounce VMC Flat Shad jighead. The Miyagi Swimmer works great on a jighead but has a unique pocket for weighted swimbait hooks as well that gets larger towards the belly so that you get a better hookup on EWG swimbait hooks.

Great detailed swimbait

I love the detailing that went into making these Miyagi Swimmer swimbaits. Their unique coloring process, painted designs, intricate etchings from the gills to the tail all make for a unique bait that swims so well. 

Packaging Maintains Good Tails

They come in clam trays that keep the baits perfectly straight. I recommend keeping them in their clams because the plastic is so soft, and it will allow them to last a lot longer. I generally carry four or five packs in a Plano KVD Speed Bag or I have a swimbait compartment in my Phoenix Boat that I keep bulk packs of swimbaits. 

I Really Like the Miyagi Swim in the Winter

I hadn’t realized how special the swimbait was until fishing it in two winters. I took a high school angler out last winter and we asking about swimbaits. So I rigged one up and pulled up to the first deep, clear channel swing near where we had been cranking up a lot shallower. I scanned around for a bit to see how the bait was laying. Spun the boat around and made one cast, and this fish was the result.

I caught several more good ones doing that. Then this winter I got it back out and pulled up on a place where I had been catching yellow bass on spoons. I backed off and swam the Miyagi Swimmer out in 35 feet of water and caught a 4-pound bass where I had just been snatching on yellow bass and white bass. 

Call me slow I guess, but it finally clicked how good this bait is in the winter, when you often have to downsize because bigger boot tail soft plastic swimbaits just won’t kick well in cold water at ultra slow speeds.

Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer Catches Nice Bass

I’ve recently reloaded on Miyagi Swimmers as a result of my slow and lengthy testing (a fancy way of saying I forgot to pick them up for a while). It’s a regular in my rotation right now because it just gets bit. I think you will be happy with these swimbaits. They hold up really well and they are super affordable for a hand pour at $6.99 a 3 pack. Check em out and let me know how you do with them.

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