Summer Fishing

Targeting Shallow Schools of Bass in the Late Summer


Summer has reached its clammy, nasty climax; across much of the country you can’t walk outside without breaking a sweat right now. As a result, fishing has become much less appealing. The shad spawn has long since come and gone. Likewise, the early summer ledge bite full of fresh fish eager to feed up and naive enough to hit anything has been beat to death. The thermocline has pushed deeper and deeper, pulling a large population of bass to the deepest depths they’ll visit all year. Thus fishing deep has become far more of a chore than a leisurely pastime.

It’s around this time of year each summer that many anglers opt to bail out. It’s just too hot.

Whether you have problems at home or not, the old country Mark Chestnut song starts to ring out in our ears.

“It’s too hot to fish, too hot to golf and too cold at home.”

Anglers turn the lakes and rivers over to the ever-increasing number of pleasure boaters who have turned our favorite fisheries into wave pools as they look to soak up the last days of summer. And it’s simply hard to have fun out there.

But alas, I’m here to encourage you today not to give up just yet. Now is actually the time to experience the last and most exciting bite of summer in my opinion – targeting small schools of big bass shallow as they scour the shorelines. So let’s talk about that bite now.