How to Snap Jigs for Tough Late Summer Bass | Swindle Tells All

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Stingy summertime bass got you wishing you “weren’t” fishing? While most anglers think slowing down is best during a tough bite, Gerald Swindle puts on display that the exact opposite can sometimes be even more effective. Sit back and watch as “GMAN” explains why snapping a skirted bass jig in deep grass can oftentimes be the ticket to beating the heat. 


The “middle of the road”, as Swindle calls it, is a place that often gets overlooked come summertime. “Most anglers either go punch mats or get out on the ledges.” What several people forget is that there is a whole lot of water between the two for fish to sit in. Swindle begins breaking down this area by using his side imaging to look for irregularities in the grassline and of course, fish. 

Once successfully located, Swindle ops for a skirted bass jig which he casts into the grass, and snaps back to the boat. Erratically snapping the jig creates a reaction strike out of the fish. Swindle chooses a more streamlined head design to come through the grass better, as well as a shorter-shanked hook for better penetration. Swindle’s ideal setup for this technique is a 7’3″ medium-heavy rod paired with a faster gear ratio reel (7.5:1) to catch up to fish if you get caught out of position, which Swindle claims happens more times often than not.