Frogging Shallow Cover

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Video Transcript:  Fishing a top water frog is one of my favorite techniques when fishing I’m fishing flooded cover. You talk about some crazy crazy strikes; you’ll get them with this I promise you. Alright when you’re using a top water frog and it flooded cover, don’t be afraid to get in there in the nastiest stuff you can find and bang it around in there. If you’ve got a bunch of overhangs cast that frog right at it, knock it all down and it will get it out of its way and it’s very snag resistant so don’t worry about that.

So this evening it’s pretty calm, not much of a wind so you can pop these Spro Bronzeye Popping Frogs of course like the name applies. But what you also can do is trim the legs, I trim one of them about maybe ½ inch to a ¼ inch shorter than the other one and when you walk it or when you fish it you just slowly pop your rod tip just like that, and then once you pop it you want to barely feel your bait on there on the other end of the line and you want to give it some slack so that it will walk just like a walking top water hard bait or something like that.

Now the biggest tip I can give you for properly setting the hook on one of these frogs is hold your horses. Know when you have a fish come blow up on it you always want to wait about a second. When you see that fish first break the surface, stop what you’re doing don’t freak out, point your rod tip at it, get on point like this and then you want to reel until you feel the weight of fish on the end of the line, stick that rod but right in your ribs, and just go to town on it and more times than not you’re going to hook them right on top of the mouth and they’re not going to go anywhere.  There he is, right there. He come right out from that overhang. Lord have mercy. Come here you rascal, that right there is why I absolutely love frog fishing you cannot beat it I’m telling you go try it.