Summer Fishing

3 Must-Have Topwater Lures for Shallow Summer Bass


Each and every summer, lots of bass head offshore towards deeper water. Several of the bigger, more experienced ones, however, tend to group up in wolf packs and stay shallow. In these largely overlooked shallow waters they’re able to find abundant food in several different forms. From mayflies and other insect hatches to spawning sunfish, there’s a bounty of prey to be had for the bass that look shallow.

Perhaps the most beautiful part is that these food sources and their proximity to shallow water make the bass very susceptible to topwater lures. Not only are the fish big and often unpressured but they’re also amped up by their competition and eager to explode on a topwater bait.

I’d say that’s a win, win, win… win situation.

Today, we’ll talk about the three must-have topwaters for this type of fishing and how each can be used to target these shallow bass a little differently.