Drop Shotting Swimbaits for Bass | Zaldain’s How and When

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Chris Zaldain is known for his prowess with finesse swimbaits and bigger paddle tails such as the proven Megabass Magdraft 6-inch. Yet, drop shotting finesse swimbaits (aka drop swimming) can be more effective at times. Zaldain details when and how to drop swim finesse paddle tail swimbaits for smallmouth bass. Still, the tactic is equally effective for largemouth and spotted bass.


Unlike drop shotting worms, your goal when drop swimming is to keep the bait and weight moving across the bottom (cover water). The drop shot weight holds the finesse swimbait to the bottom for precision depth control — a benefit when bass are feeding on small baitfish and unwilling to feed up in the water column.

Rigging is finesse-oriented — a light drop shot weight coupled with a light line and a small hook fool pressured fish in clear water. Zaldain details the setup in the video so you can get up and running with this effective technique.