GMAN’s Prespawn Balsa Crankbait Breakdown

Few baits outperform a shallow-running crankbait for springtime bass but not all crankbait strategies produce equal results. Gerald Swindle discusses how to effectively crank shallow grass when prespawn bass push shallower in warming water while also retaining the flexibility to cover different depth ranges based on conditions.

Warming water favors the use of wider wobbling and noisier crankbaits that fish clean around grass and woody cover. As GMAN demonstrates, combing flats adjacent to channel swing banks can yield positive results but stresses the importance of the ‘pivot’. Crankbait lineups like the Rapala DT Series (Dives-to) allow you to systematically target specific depth ranges… changing up between a DT-4, 6 or 10 cover the gauntlet of prespawn situations. Put the hammer to ’em when you find the sweet spot.


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