A Guide to Better Bush Flipping for Bass this Spring

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Jason Sealock goes through a crash course on how to figure out what bushes are best for bass fishing at different times of the spring and how to catch bass more effectively while alleviating some of the frustration with fishing a sea of flooded cover over the course of a day or week of fishing.

Sealock flew a drone over productive stretches of bushes when the water was clear to understand what’s around the bushes has a lot more to do with why fishing is good than the bushes themselves. When a lake has 10,000 bushes in it, how do you find the 100 most productive ones to consistently catch more or bigger bass? Water clarity, depth changes, bottom composition, creeks, currents and more can help you put a pattern together within the groups of bushes themselves.

Some good drone footage illustrating some of what he discusses. Then he goes into how he positions his boat and modifies his baits to make fishing the bushes a lot easier and more efficient so that he can get in and out and cover a ton of water more methodically in a day’s time.

This is more of a how to on reading bushes and tackle than fish catches. We’ll have a lot more fish catching in part two of this series later this spring.

Tackle Used in Video: