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8 Spinnerbait Tips for Springtime Bass Fishing

Wired2fish contributor Dan Quinn loves targeting springtime bass with spinnerbaits. He delivers a range of tips on finding bass in lakes during warming trends, what types of cover to target, his go-to spinnerbait and rod setup, and how to fish spinnerbaits to generate more bites.

Here are Quinn’s top 5 tips for spring spinnerbait fishing success:
  1. Seek out calm, protected waters away from main lake basins. Refer to a lake map to locate shallow bays, pockets, and creek arms protected from the wind and cooler main lake water. These areas warm faster and are a magnet for baitfish and predator fish during the spring.
  2. Start by target casting to all available cover. Your job is to determine what type(s) of habitat bass are using. Are they hanging on woody cover (e.g., stumps and laydowns), grass, docks, or rock? A spinnerbait excels at covering water and fishing relatively snag-free through cover. Keep covering water until you get that first bite.
  3. Make a note of where each bite comes from. Are bass relating to laydown trees directly adjacent to the bank? Perhaps they’re sitting where laydowns meet the grassline or drop-off. Whatever the case, pay attention, and you’re bound to establish a pattern that’ll lead to more fish at the end of the day.
  4. Make repetitive casts to prime cover. After figuring some stuff out, make repeated casts to good-looking cover at different depths and casting angles. You’ll be surprised by how many bass you catch on subsequent casts.
  5. Use blade configurations that provide lift. Quinn favors tandem bladed spinnerbaits in Colorado and willow leaf configurations. Big, thin blades give off a ton of flash and vibration and the lift necessary for snaking the lure through cover such as tree branches.
  6. Add a trailer for extra attraction. A little bling can increase bites. Quinn adds bulk, profile, and flash with a plastic trailer. Experiment until you gain some confidence.
  7. Don’t retrieve too fast. Resist the temptation to reel too quickly in cold water. Quinn uses a moderate speed reel, and a deliberate medium retrieve speed to govern himself.
  8. Put some action into the bait with your rod. Put some fish-triggering action to your spinnerbait by pumping the rod and changing your retrieve angle. Random pulses and direction changes turn following bass into biters.