Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe Review

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The Eurotackle Micro Finesse B-Vibe (SEE HERE) meekly expresses a diminutive profile, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of those rare fish catchers that works on trout, bluegill, shellcrackers, crappie, bass and more. It works great on a jighead by itself. It can be shortened. It serves as a great trailer for micro jigs. It’s a do-it all type of finesse plastic that a lot of us that fish Bait Finesse System gear love to use in a variety of ways. And if you fish for panfish a lot, it’s one of those must haves you need in your tackle box.

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The Micro Finesse B-Vibe has a narrow profile, ribbed body that is horizontally flat for better rigging and holding onto the keeper on the jigheads. The flat body also gives the micro swimbait a little more balance. The body is infused with fish pheromones that you can smell which seems to also aid in getting bites, especially from fish like bluegills and shellcrackers.

The material is soft and durable. Usually those things are mutually exclusive in soft plastics but the B-Vibes hold up well to a lot of fish and swims at ultra slow speeds. One thing I did notice is the baits seem to harden a little more if they sit out of the package for very long. Not sure why that is but it’s just something I’ve noticed while fishing them this spring in a variety of ways in a variety of places.

Eurotackle B-Vibe swimbait


The secret to the Micro Finesse B-Vibe comes from its ability to shimmy and swim at super slow speeds. Because of its soft and durable material, the tail kicks with the minutest of movements. I’ve caught fish dragging it on the bottom, and while watching it in clear water, I noticed the tail kicks every time the head rubs on a rock on the bottom. It has a seductive shimmy that is no doubt why fish bite it so well.

I also think the tail is always swimming or moving, no matter how hard you try to be still or how slow you reel. That can make it very effective in cold water.

rigging B-Vibe on a jighead, micro swing head and as a trailer on a Mono Spin Jig


Not only does the Micro Finesse B-Vibe come in several good colors for panfish, but because of its long slender profile, it can be used in a variety of ways. I’ve mainly fished the B-Vibe two ways. The main way is simply threaded onto the Eurotackle Micro Finesse Tungsten Jig. That small head and small keeper hold this formulation of plastic really well and don’t tear up the bait when fish bite. The other way is as a trailer on a Keitech Mono Spin and other micro jigs. I’ve caught big panfish on these micro jigs as well as some bass.

I’ve also recently been experimenting with some micro swing jigs made from small Decoy EWG hooks and Cheburashka weights. And I think there are probably other ways to rig it with micro drop shot rigs and other BFS tactics.

The other options on the B-Vibe comes from the colors. White, black, chartreuse, pink, green pumpkin and gold will cover matching it to just about any forage and color that panfish prefer.

And then you can easily take a bunch off the head and compact the profile more without hurting the tail kick on this micro swimbait. I do that a lot for bluegills.

B-Vibe Catches Panfish


I’ve been fishing the B-Vibe for most of the year since winter. It worked great in cold water. And it’s nice because it catches crappie and bluegill equally well. So I’ve been able to catch a bunch of both fishing in the same areas. I’m a big proponent of using plastics that serve double duty. When I see fish on the graph, I can use one rod and one bait and get them all to bite. Which has been the case with the B-Vibe. Cold water, warm water. Just on a jighead. As a trailer, swinging behind a micro swing head, the bait moves lively and attracts fish of all species.

If you want to try these baits, you’ll be happy to find they come in a clamshell that protects the tails in a small package that comes 8 to a pack making them about $0.50 a tail. And the tails will last you a bunch of fish.

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